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We appreciate all of you being members of Blogaholic Social Network. We strive to make your experience within the community a positive one so we have therefor put together a few rules to keep our community a fun, enjoyable community for all bloggers to meet up and have fun!

Violation of any of our community rules or network TOU will result in your membership being suspended and possibly terminated.  These rules are set forth for the privacy and respect of all our members as well as the integrity of our community as a whole.


~ DO NOT spam other members of our community! This includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Do not leave unwanted messages on the comments section of multiple member profiles for the sole purpose of advertising your blog, giveaway, blog hop,  or requesting members to follow you on Twitter or friend/fan you on Facebook. Leaving unwanted comments on multiple profiles for the purpose of self promotion is against all TOU. The community has ample resources for you to list and share all of your social media sites, blog posts, giveaways, and your blog in general.
  • Do not friend request every member of our site for the sole purpose of self, business, or blog  promotion. Our community encourages friendship and our course friend requests. There is no limit to how many friend requests you can send out. However, if we suspect that you are friend requesting an excessive amount of members in order to promote yourself, your business, your blog, or any other promotional reason your account will be suspended.
  • Do not send out unwanted messages to every member on your friends list for the purpose of self, business, or blog  promotion. Messages that have something important to share that will benefit our members as a part of the community or as part of your group are not in violation of our terms as we want you to communicate with other members but please be cautious of what you are sending.
  • Do not cross post the same message across the entire network for members to see. We have designated areas for almost everything blog related. We want you to promote your blog, your giveaways, your blog hops, and other special events but please only do this in appropriate, corresponding areas of the community that are relative to the content that you are offering.
  • Do not post irrelevant, unwanted, self promotional comments or discussions in groups. Groups are a great place to chat with other members, your group is able to cover any topics you would like. However, if you were to become a member of a group and only contribute self or business promoted content that has nothing to do with the group you could be suspended for spam. If the group moderator or any other members feel that you are spamming the group you could be deleted from the group and suspended from the community.

Please note: Posting any content multiple times across the community is considered spam. We never want any of our members to feel that they are being solicited in any way.

Our community is not a gateway for you to promote or market your business. Our community is indented for bloggers to meet and connect with other bloggers. If you are interested in marketing your business please feel free to contact us for our advertising options.

Again, we do want all of our members to promote their blogs, giveaways, blog hops, and social media sites but we ask that this is done in the appropriate areas of the site and not in a way that floods the network or other members.


~DO NOT use profanity in excess on any part of our community. It will be removed and if it continues you will be suspended from the community.


~DO NOT post content that is negative, harmful, or abusive to other members on our community. This is not acceptable under any circumstances and you will be suspended from the network.


~DO NOT submit, post, or use any copyrighted material. We are very strict on copyright infringement.


~DO NOT submit your blog to more than 2 categories on the blog directory. We want the directory to be fair for all members and viewers searching for blogs. If we feel that you are using the directory unfairly and listing your blog in more than the allotted categories ALL of your entries will be removed and you will lose your spot on the directory.


~DO NOT contact members of the community on BSN to visit or become members of other social networks, communities, chat rooms, clubs, or  forums. Any attempt to use BSN to solicit or invite our members to your competing social network, community, chat room, club, or forum is considered spam and you will be suspended.


These restrictions and rules are subject to change. We reserve the right to suspend  or permanently delete any members who violate any of the community rules or network TOU.

Rules for Groups:

 Groups must follow all of the above TOU in addition to the following:

 ~DO NOT start a group to promote a competing social network (Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, are acceptable). If we feel you are promoting a comparable social network your group will be removed.

~DO NOT start a group to promote your personal business, groups should be community based meaning they are not for self promotion.

We have the right to remove all groups that we feel violate our TOU in any way. We also have the right to remove any groups that have been inactive for 6 months or more!

Please also keep in mind that we are a family friendly site. Please be cautious of what you post and refrain from posting content that is inappropriate. If we feel that you are posting inappropriate material, content, or comments we have the right to remove this content and suspend any member who does not adhere to terms.

As concerned members, if you feel that these rules are being broken, you are being harassed or solicited please help us by notifying us ASAP.

For our full, detailed network TOU please read here.


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