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Your Family Should Have a Show: It's All In The Planning


Most children are impetuous.  They jump without looking at what's below them, throw balls into crowded areas because that's where the open man was, and generally act like children.  So when a plan is being developed it sort of stands out...

James (Age 9): "You know how sometimes kids change their last name, how do you go about doing that?"

Mom: "Probably have to go to city hall and fill out some paperwork.  Maybe go before a judge."
James: "In that movie we watched last night, what did that guy bite on that caused his death?"
Dad: "It was a cyanide capsule.  Spies used to carry them to kill themselves rather than be interrogated."
James: "If your arrested in a city do you stay in that cities jail and for how long?"
Mom:  "Depends on the crime.  You might get arraigned, go before the judge and be sent to a larger prison to await trial or you could make bail the same day.  Are you planning something in particular that we should know about?"
James: "No.  Nothing in particular.  Just have these questions that needs answering.

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