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Why Should I Buy Your Book?

A question that was presented to me over the weekend and good one at that, I can’t very well say “Because it’s awesome!” I mean, it is but you need more, right?
When I began writing Deadly Deception March of 2010, I vowed to have an evolving heroine. Not one that stands by and takes people’s crap. Though her naivety can be frustrating in regards to her relationships with Adam and Carter, she doesn't lie down and allow them to walk all over her.
I “love” love but my book isn't a smoochy romance. There are intimate moments between the characters but nothing that makes you swoon. And I wanted to keep those scenes, vague, let your imagination run wild. 
What if everything you knew, everything that was brought in to your life was nothing but a lie? That torturous feeling of not knowing who to trust, Anne is alone in the game and is desperate to find answers.
Anne, Carter, and Adam are one hot deadly mess and anything goes.
Robert L. (Rob) Bacon, Founder of The Perfect Write® told me that I had fantastic character development. This meant a lot to me since he’s been in the business for many, many years and has a proficient eye. I’ll let him explain:
“Let me begin by telling you what I found good about your opening chapter, and there is a lot to praise.  First, and most significant of all, Anne at first pass is a character for whom readers will want to see succeed.  She's a professional in a vocation that would allow most folks to place her on a pedestal, but it's obvious from the opening line that she's not a diva, and there    are obvious elements in her affect that indicate she doesn't want to be one. To expand on this, you've presented her openly, and she comes across as the sort of person who doesn't think of herself as special.  She just desires a normal life with the joys and aspirations most people hope to attain.  These redemptive qualities in a lead character are crucial for most plot lines to succeed, as the reader has to find the protagonist engaging, and the sooner this occurs, the better for the author.  Simply, Anne is someone readers would like to learn more about, as would I. And while not playing up Anne's career, it can't be ignored that she has attained a level that separates her for the average person on the street.  Handled subtlety, readers will find this appealing; handled aggressively and readers will shy away.  Anne appears to be the ideal blend of protagonist, and I can only assume this continues throughout the narrative.  I don't want to beat this to death, but the "likeability factor" can make or break most stories, it's that important. The second issue that you handled beautifully was the way you closed the opening chapter.  Casey's nettling behavior was the perfect foil for the jolt at the end, as her antics placed the reader off guard even though it was identified that a package had come for Anne with only the letter "A" on it.” 
Melissa Hofpar, Founder of Composed Success “This fast-paced storyline has snappy dialogue, strong characters, and a plot that keeps readers fascinated -- and excited to read the next book in the series!” Not only is she straightforward but her editing skills are incredible and if she felt that my book was nosedive, she would have said so.
My goal was to write a book with the “What the heck?” mentality. With reviews from Amazon and Goodreads, I believe I accomplished just that.
What’s next? I’m working on Deadly Redemption; it’s time for Anne to reclaim what was taken from her.
 Did I answer the question?
Let me put it to you this way, if you want a warm and fuzzy cuddle love, not going to happen here. But, if you want dark romance with deceit, suspense, crime, and some “who done it” then Deadly Deception is for you. 

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