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“Well, when you’re relaxed, your mind takes you to the whole reality. There’s no such thing as time when you’re really relaxed. That’s why meditation works.”

… Shirley MacLaine


In life, there are so many things we feel are out of our control. But, there is one thing we can have complete control over; our own state of mind. In Buddhism this is the most important thing one can do. Buddhism teaches that it is the solution to not only have control over but take ownership of your happiness, sorrow, losses and triumphs.


Mediation is a way to transform the mind, by some accounts it has been said to change your life. What’s so life changing about meditation? What’s the big deal?


What changes as a result of meditation is not the thoughts we may have, but what does change is the way we perceive those thoughts. It is the nature of the mind to consistently generate endless thoughts, so in a sense meditation is a way of calming and quieting the mind. In some circles (I use that term loosely) meditation is not seen as a religion but as a science.Which means the process of meditating follows a particular order, has definite principles and so produces results.


When you meditate your focus and concentration is inward, not on your external world and events around you. Meditation requires a stillness and silent mind. When the mind is quiet and still, and there are no distractions this is when a deep relaxation occurs. You’ve allowed yourself to let go of your biases and see things more openly and clearly. This is most commonly referred to as a ‘meditated state.’


At an early age, we are taught how to move and behave in society, but we were never taught to be still and know our inner selves. This lack of self-understanding may be one of the causes so many of our relationships fail. Meditation teaches you a way to explore your inner dimensions. It trains the mind so that you are not caught up in endless confusion. It is a system of commitment, not commandment. You are committing to yourself, your growth, and getting to know yourself.


So let’s get back to the question “why meditate?” Listed below are just a few reasons why we should meditate;

Gain Inner Peace.


Increases Your Self Awareness.


Source of Inspiration.


Helps Insomnia.


Rejuvenates You.


Meditation at first is something that needs to be learned. It’s normal in the beginning to ‘not get it’ and give up. But once you give yourself the chance and make no excuses why it doesn’t work, I think you’ll be surprised at all the positive effects that come with the practice of meditation.










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