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It never ceases to amaze me just how many of my single girlfriends, are quick and keen to dish out love advice to me.  May be it's because they think that I am a hopeless romantic who still believes in the fairy tale and, therefore needs every bit of advice that I can get. Maybe it is because they genuinely care.  The thing is I never listen because:

  1. I didn't ask for the advice in the first place.  You see I never ask my friends for their advice.  I may, emphasis on the word may choose to tell them what's going on in my love life but I never ask for their advice.
  2. If you are single (and not a psychic) I am not sure that you are best placed to be advising a fellow singleton on love and dating, especially if you have the mindset that all men are bastards.  I do not need your negativity rubbing off on me, thank you very much!
But that's just me and I know loads of women (and men) who will happily take advice from their friends.   The thing is, is it always such a good idea to be taking advice from your friends about a new partner or a relationship with an existing partner?
I know our friends mean well when they are giving advice, well some of them do.  However, sometimes their own misconceptions or negative thoughts about love often have an influence on their opinion.  For example, you start dating your ex again and things are going swimmingly well.  You excitedly tell your best friend, who happens to be single, about the recent developments with your ex.  As you tell your story you see your friend's face drop as she replies: "I don't want to see you get hurt again." or "Exes are exes for a reason."  The mood has changed and silence descends.  Guess what?  You are probably going to be questioning whether or not going back to your ex is a good thing.  But why should your friend's advice make you question the validity of your decision to go back to the person that you love?
You see our friends may have our best interests at heart but, it's highly unlikely that they are a psychic or some other professional, experienced and able to give you impartial, accurate guidance about your relationship.  Their opinion is based purely on what you have told them about the relationship in the past, as well as their own personal opinion, beliefs and misconceptions. This information is not based on the depth of love that you and your partner may feel for each other.  Neither is based on the soul connection, possible past life issues and karmic lessons which may be at play in your relationship.  All of these factors can and will play a huge role in your relationship.  They are also factors that your friend may not understand.
There are also some those of other kind of friends who are not really our true friends; those friends who seem to revel in our misery or just the general misery of others.  These 'friends' tend to have a negative outlook and do not like to see other people happy.  It is these friends who you need to be wary of, especially when they give you love advice. Why? Because they do not want you to have the love life that you want and truly deserve.
In my own life I have come across these friends who were always keen to know what is happening in my love life ONLY!  Whenever I was dating someone or if I met someone on a night out they would ALWAYS have something to say.  Not only did they always have something to say but what they had to say always made me feel like crap or had me questioning my own decisions, not to mention my ability to make good decisions in love.
That aside I am not saying that we should always dismiss the advice that our friends give us, particularly those friends who do have our best interests at heart.  One way in which we can begin to ascertain the validity of our friend's advice is by taking into account where they are in their life journey.  If you friend is in a good space in their life, are feeling great and are generally optimistic about life then it could be that they are likely to give you sound advice. One reason for this is because their advice is not coming from a place of lack, envy or negativity.  In this respect there are not projecting their own baggage onto your situation and this can only be a good thing because they are looking at it from a fresh, objective prospective.
Another thing to consider is how good their advice has been in the past.  If you have taken their advice in the past then you need to consider what happened as a result of doing this.  If the result was a total monster of a disaster then you may want to think twice before taking their advice again.  Failing that, don’t think about taking their advice at all and just nod and smile in agreement knowing that you will not be applying their advice at all.
Overall, the best thing to do when making decisions in love is to follow your own instincts, after all it’s your love life.  Only you and your partner truly understand how you both feel about one another, how much you love one another and quite frankly it can be hard for another person to truly understand that. 
If you really do feel like you need advice then it could be a sign that things are not as hunky-dory as you would have yourself belief.  Who knows!  One last thing you could do is seek advice from someone like myself who is completely impartial and has the ability to give insight from both perspectives, seeing into areas that the ordinary person cannot.  Even then the guidance that I or another psychic may give you is exactly that: Guidance.  Only you can decide what to do with that information due to the fact that we all have our own free will.  Either way, ultimately the decisions you make in love (and life) lie with you.

Have you ever taken advice from a friend and wished you hadn't?  What happened?  What is the best and worst advice that a friend has ever given you? Get interactive and share your story with us!
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