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“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.”

… Lou Holtz


“Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.”

… Erica Jong

 What are you good at? How about your strengths and talents? If anyone has ever asked you this and you have a ‘cat got your tongue moment’ you’re not alone. Most of us when asked are clueless on how to answer this question. Why? Are we hesitant to toot our own horn? We are all talented in are own uniqueness, so why not shout it out


 Each and everyone one of us has strengths, talents and gifts that we are constantly practicing and honing in on.  A talent or gift is ‘something’ you feel you can do very well at, and given the opportunity would do it freely with much love and attention. A gift or a talent is something you’re not only good at, but you have the motivation, desire and passion to do it. This talent and gift of yours empowers and encourages you. This feeling of empowerment will attract the people who share the same values as you do.


Some thoughts on how you can identify your gifts, strengths and talents;


It comes naturally to you.

You feel strong and empowered when you do it.

You have learned the talent easily and have possibly mastered it.

You feel joy and alive when sharing your talents.

You feel fulfilled.

Time goes by quickly.

You’re in the ‘zone’ and feel productive.

You’re eager to teach others your gifts and talents.


Yes, we are fortunate to have our gifts, strengths and talents, and they are personal to each of us. That does not mean we can’t share our gifts, talents and especially our strengths to others. I feel, we basically all want the same things. We want to be happy, be loved unconditionally for who we are and feel we have contributed in some small way to a cause greater then us. Again, I can’t express this enough, we are all unique special human beings and when given the opportunity should share our gifts, strengths and talents freely and lovingly.



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