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Well Helloooo!  Fancy meeting you here Darling as this is not the usual spot that I fill your cup and touch up my lipstick!  So how do you like the new digs?  Look around and make yourself comfy... huh?  Not a whole lot to look at?  Oh... why of course!  Silly me, this is a new blog and this is the first official post entry... so I’d better make it good!
WELCOME to Caffe Cares my Dear Friend!  I’m thrilled that you stopped by.  This blog is dedicated to all my crazy antics in finding products (any and all) that are, well, SAFE... or at least safer.
Since discovering the news of 400 lipsticks containing lead in them, I began researching what lipsticks or brands are safe to put on my pretty little pucker, as... well, I am a lipstick fiend after all!  What started out as a lipstick obsession for me has now turned into a full blown quest for healthy products... personal care, household goods, what’s in the fridge... for my entire family.
Over the past 6 months, I have learned many interesting facts about the cosmetic industry here in the United States.  The biggest tidbit?  The cosmetic industry is not regulated.  What does that mean you ask?  It means that the cosmetic industry is let loose like the cowboys of the wild wild west and are able to make up the rules as they see fit... gun holsters included.
Now I know you hear about regulations this and regulations that... too many regulations, too many rules, but quite frankly my Darling, there are some regulations that help the consumers to stay safe.  In my most humble opinion... truly my Dear, this is not my MILFy side, our country puts too many regulations on so many matters that makes my lipstick collection look sparse, BUT... not enough on issues that keep our children and families safe. 
The cosmetic industry is one of them.  We have become their taste testers for their chemical soup and we are feeding it to our kids.
Speaking of feeding our kids, another industry that needs our attention is the food industry.  An industry that we depend on that is supposed to help us nourish our families is not looking out for you and me.  Non-labeling is a topic that many don’t seem to be aware of or how important it really is.
In this blog you will find (coming soon) links to help you locate and understand all the different information that is out there on safe products.  It will also be a place that I will post my thoughts and understanding about words I’ve never heard before or can’t even pronounce.  I will also review the many different food and personal care products that I have personally purchased and let you know how my kids and I rate it... lots of laughing included!
Thank you for stopping by, I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit.   CC : )
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