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One of the boy's friends invited us to his birthday party at Robertson Quay last Friday evening, so that's where we went for the night.

Along with Boat Quay and Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay is part of the vibrant nightlife along the Singapore River. We were pretty early so we took a nice stroll along the river.

The little pumpkin enjoying the view of the junkboats.

She's wearing a cute jimbei I got for her last year but she looks like a little sampan girl here haha

During the weekends there's actually a flea market at Clarke Quay or just outside the nearby Central shopping mall. I like to go there to looksy-looksy, especially if I want to escape the Orchard Road crowd.

We actually don't go out for dinner often. I prefer to eat at home because even though the pumpkin is eating relatively well now, she gets very distracted and doesn't keep still after {sometimes during} her meal. Understandable given her age, but I hate to be those kind of parents that allow their kids to scream and run around all over the restaurants. Inconsiderate and annoying. If we do have to eat out, we'll try to get a table that can corner her in a little area, or bring her out of the restaurant to run around. As it is a tiring affair, you can see why I don't like to eat out much nowadays.

On last Friday, she actually behaved pretty well. Maybe it was because there were a lot of people to play with her, but she ate her food and entertained herself quietly with our mobiles for a while. I guess it is a good sign that perhaps, we can start having nice dinners outside once again.

During our stroll, I noticed a few restaurants and cafes that I want to give a try :) A smorgasbord of good food calling out to us! I shall have to think of ideas on how to keep the pumpkin entertained for long meals outside. The thing is that she gets bored with something pretty quickly... hmmm.

Any tips for entertaining your kids during meals outside?

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