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Vaughan casino proposed, is Bradford next?

Casinos in Ontario have been talked about extensively recently, as a way to increase revenues. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) are leading the charge to modernize gambling across the Province. Most of the media coverage has been in regards to locating a Vegas style casino in Toronto. What isn’t getting a lot of talk is a casino located south of Bradford, in the city of Vaughan. Both Toronto and Vaughan casinos would cost roughly about $2 to $3 billion to build. Revenues for casinos would amount up to $168 million a year, a nice addition to the coffers to help with the costs of running a municipality.


Georgian Downs is just a short drive away.  Innisfil, hit the preverbal jackpot to allow the slot facility to be built in their community. In 2002 alone, $1,164,635 was generated in non-tax revenue. In addition, 170 new jobs were created. Georgian downs attracts, on average over 2,000 guests a day! In a typical year, the host municipality receives 5% of the facility's gross slot machine proceeds.


Would you support a casino in town if proposed? Toronto and Vaughan are considering it. Innisfil has it. How about Bradford?


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