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3 Sites To Store Your Blog Images Online

Over time as a blogger you may come to find that storing your blog images online rather than on your computer is a much easier and convenient way to keep track of your blog images and to keep them organized.


There are many benefits of storing your blog images online:


  • It's free (On many image storage sites)
  • It keeps your blog images all in one spot
  • It frees up from on your computer
  • It allows you to have a url for your images which is great for sharing images, having a blog button, and centering your images (especially in Blogger sidebars)

One of the main things you want your image storage site to do is offer you an image url. This is very important for bloggers!


The question is which site you should store your images on. I have tried almost every image hosting site. They all have their goods and bads and not one is perfect but I have found three that come up time and time again. And overall one to be the easiest which is Photobucket.  Here are a few overviews of the top online image storage sites:



PHOTOBUCKET: Again, Photobucket is by far my top pick, It is so easy to use and its free. You can upload a variety of image sizes and image files, you can even upload vedios. My favorite part is the image url is SO easy to find. You simply upload your image add it to an album and hoover over the image to grab the code- SO SIMPLE! I love that you can create albums to further organize things and you can send images to Twitter, Facebook, etc..... The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Now if you have a site that stores and hot links  MASS amounts of images (very rare) then Photobucket is not for you, but if you have a basic blog and just need somewhere to store post images etc..... Photobucket gives you a ton of space and it's free.



IMAGESHACK: ImageShack is also free and offers a huge amount of storage space. Finding the image url is pretty simple and you can create albums but I just find it a bit harder to navigate through the site as it does not have as clean of a layout as Photobucket. One really bad troubling thing about ImageShack is sometimes your images don't show up on your blog so in place you get a big frog in place of where your image was. I almost died when a reader of my blog emailed me and said I just visited your site and there was a bunch of frogs on it! I even had the paid account when this happened.So just be advised. Other than that, it offers a ton of storage space, separate albums, video upload, and almost everything that Photobucket does just in a much less organized space.



FLICKR: In my experience Flickr has been the most difficult to work with of the 3 most popular image storage sites for blog images. Finding the url for your image is like going on a treasure hunt only I usually give  up before finding the treasure because it is really difficult. There are people who have used Flickr for years and love it (this is why I listed it in the top 3) but honestly, it could be a lot more user friendly so this would be my least favorite pick for user functionality. (I do however love Flickr as a place to find images for your blog posts!)


Would love to hear if you have any sites that you love storing blog images on!

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Comment by Caffeinated OC Mommy on August 30, 2011 at 11:19am
Thanks for the tips Darling!  xoxo

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