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Thoughts on the movie Big Miarcle...

Just saw the movie "Big Miracle" which is about the rescue of whales trapped under the ice in Alaska back in l988.  Big Oil; Big Government; Environmentalist; Media and I believe good will came together to attempt to save three whales (the youngest at 9 months did not make it).

I am certain that the "Inuit" would have harvested the whales in the circle of life before the world of instant news and it would have been the right thing to do.  Food... and oil... skin would have been put to good use.

The movie is based on the book: "Freeing the whales: How the media created the worlds greatest non-event" by Tom Rose.  Not sure what this is supposed to imply when you consider how much attention is given to what people wear to walk a "red carpet" to some "big event" award show.

How is digging a mile of holes with chain saws (in the movie 5 miles) in below zero weather... creating a path to life for whales less of a event that "The People's Choice" awards?

The movie gives the impression that "greed" was the primary motive for good that day.  I refuse to accept this... good won out.


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