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There is a New Follower Tool That May Replace Google Friend Connect Live Now To See It Check this out

My friends and I were part of the beta test for a new follower tool that could possibly replace Google Friend Connect.REplace Google Friend Connecy

As you’ve probably heard, the popular Google Friend Connect  (“GFC”) is going away March 1st for non-Google blog platforms like Wordpress, and the scuttlebutt is that it will be eventually phased out completely to be replaced by  Google+. GFC was never really so much an “I follow this blog” tool as it was an attempt at the whole Facebook “friend, like” concept.


Bloggers know a good “follower” tool is really needed and we’d like to have one that is not tied to a million other services (seems like Facebook, Twitter and Google are linked to everything else on the Internet).  We wanted a simple, fast, easy-to-use and reliable service. Those of us who use Linky Tools and know the owner/creator (Brent Riggs), realized he would be perfect for developing some kind of really easy to use “follower” system. So we contacted him, and he loved the idea.


Introducing LINKY FOLLOWERS (www.linkyfollowers.com)


Brent has created a FREE service that a group of us mom bloggers have tested and helped develop. He is launching it today. You’re the first to be invited to try it out. I was part of the beta test group and I love the new tool! I highly recommend it to you.


Keep in mind this is DAY ONE of the service… there will no doubt be some bugs that the test group didn’t catch. Just contact Brent (brent@brentriggs.com)… he is great about fixing things fast. Don’t let a bug or an “oops” hurt your first impression. You’re being invited to be some of the first users of this great new tool, and your feedback will help him iron out any problems very quickly.


One last thing, the inevitable question: can my GFC followers be automatically moved over? NO. Google won’t allow access to those accounts but more importantly, YOU really shouldn’t sign up someone to a new service. They should voluntarily sign up themselves.  You’ll need to ask your GFC folks (and all your blog readers) to follow you using Linky Followers but its easy, quick and did I mention, free?  They’ll love the tool. It’s  a cool way to organize and follow the blogs you love.

 You can follow my blog many ways. By Email By Rss Feed Below  I'll add that to this post and by this new Linky Tool Which you can find on my blog here 




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Comment by valentino on August 19, 2012 at 2:37pm

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Comment by jennifer fay on June 12, 2012 at 3:00pm

I discovered Linky Followers a few days ago.  It is neat.

Comment by Lisa Cash Hanson on February 11, 2012 at 12:46am

YES :) It works for Wordpress- That is what my blog is and that was the entire point of Brent creating this great tool for those of you who were loosing GFC now you can have an even better one :)  So you can view my post and get your own widget I know you will love all the features!

Comment by Nazish Ahmed on February 10, 2012 at 11:56pm

I hope this works on wordpress blogs.

GFC was pretty much useless to me, because I have a wordpress blog.

Comment by Kim Behnke Pelgar on February 5, 2012 at 8:24am

THANK YOU!!! Going to add this to my blog NOW....and thank you to Brent at Linky tools for giving us this option!

Comment by Caffeinated OC Mommy on February 2, 2012 at 1:36am

Thank you Lisa Darling,

I'll sign up right now...  xoxo

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