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The Quilted Heart Omnibus by Mona Hodgson

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The author wrote three wonderful stories that blended together perfectly.  The three stories are also marketed as single but being able to read the three stories in one continuous read was lovely. Ms. Hodgson moved the story from one to another, never skipping a beat.  The words flowed smoothly as did the plots. You got to know the women of the stories and their  own personalities. After you read the first story, the second one blends in from the first and same true for the third.
We are introduced to Mauren, Emile, and Caroline who plan to go on a great adventure. Westward Ho!  with the Boone's Lick Wagon Train led by Garrett Cowlishaw, This may lead to many rough moments as Garret was a Confederate soldier that killed Caroline's husband. He told the adventurers that Caroline couldn't go since she was a single woman.Caroline is a widow  and her eyes only roam to one man.  I believe you call that love? Will God intervene and show Garret and Caroline the way? Then we have Mauren and Emile who are both married.  Don't forget Anna.  She will bring a surprise to the read.?
This was a trio of ales that Ms. Hodgson wrote that were very hart warming.You have the sorrow of the Confederate War and its aftermath.  Families lost, farms and acreage lost or left in ruins. Husbands, fathers, and sons that some didn't come back.  The ones that did had a hard time with the nightmares, let alone the rebuilding and learning to live a half ways normal life again.
Will everyone adventure westward with the wagon train?  Will Gabby's papa and his intended go and leave his mother-in-law.?    Will Caroline go on the wagon train or will Garret forbid her?
I simply loved the way Ms. Hodgson wrote one tale into another so fluidly and smoothly.  She adds the belief of God and each of the characters relationship with him

I want to read about the adventures of the wagon train, who went, what kind of situations happened.  I just want to know it all.   I loved the characters.  They weren't dull be no means.  They were real characters. 
Please don't pass this book up.  You get three stories in one book that are actually one story.  Pick up a copy and learn about the small town of Missouri and the people who live there.  Maybe you'll get the bug to go on the wagon train and go  Westward Ho!
I was given a complimentary copy of THE QUILTED HEART OMNIBUS from the author Mona Hodgson and  waterbrookmultnomah Blogging For Books Program for my own opinion.  No other compensation took place.

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