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I am thankful that we have a home. It may be just a small apartment, but it is a home filled with love and family warmth. Recently, we hosted a guest for 2 weeks and it is indeed a blessing to be able to provide a comfortable abode for our guest to rest in. To be able to open our doors and share what we have, that's a nice feeling indeed :)

There are many blogs about home organisation and I do love to read them. But it can get to you 2 ways. You either get jealous and upset that your own place is NOTHING like those homes {seriously, how do they do it?? these people's daily homes look just like those in home decor magazines!!!} or you get really inspirational and set your mind & heart on getting things in tip-top shape at home.

Sometimes, I do get frustrated that it's so messy. But, I'm happy to say that most of the time I get really inspired to get down and dirty to organise our lives a bit *Yay me!* I've actually started a little project called Operation Kirei Kirei with my hubby to make our humble home a few steps closer to our dream home {in terms of looks} heehee. It kicked off pretty well but unfortunately, has kind of stagnated the past month or so because of various things going on in our lives. I shall have to get it into motion again so that we can have host a nice Christmas party for our family again this year. Maybe another one with friends?

This is the little pumpkin's home within a home. This is her secret hiding place where she stashes her petite treasures, and her "safe-house" when she wants to run away from her food and scoldings heh...

Home is where the heart is, and lucky me because I have 3 hearts {the boy's, little pumpkin's and mine} to make ours a really special home :)

What are you thankful this Thursday?

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