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Stream This (Random Thoughts and Observations)

...I should be writing, not blogging. Blogging is writing, right? I started writing again, and by that, I mean writing seriously, not jotting a few notes on a notepad or notebook. I still want to finish writing my novel, even though I really have no idea how it'll play out. I mean, it reads great in my head, for now.

Funny enough, I'm reading a friend's blog post on trying new techniques to get past writer's block. I think I'm going to crib his technique...the same technique he cribbed from someone else.

By the way, if you haven't read this article - 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing (Right Fucking Now)- then stop reading this blog and read this article right fucking now. Actually, no, please finish reading my blog, then read that article.


...I'm also waking up way too early, just to get some writing accomplished. I'll sleep when I'm dead...


...I really want to watch Drive again. And again. And again.


...Haruki Murakami's 1Q84is sitting in front of me right now. At over 900 pages, this one will be a daunting read. But then again, I've read Gravity's Rainbow on several occasions. No sweat, right?


...A quick note about the circus that was the Iowa Caucus. It's all a farce, you know that, right? Listen, as much as I found the notion of clinically insane ass-clowns like Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry and Rick Santorum running for President utterly hilarious (because someone that does funny needs material, and they provided material in spades), it won't be long before their lunacy and divisive politics will be cast aside for the "safer" candidate. There's no way a quixotic and racist loon like Ron Paul ever gets his party's nomination, especially considering how much he'd love to set the Fed ablaze - and Wall Street would murder the man that fucks with their private Federal bank - so the sooner we get New Hampshire and South Carolina out of the way, the sooner we can get some normalcy going around here. Yeah, I'll miss Michelle, and I missed the ever-living fuck out of Herman Cain (I can't ever think of pizza the same way, knowing he loves his pizza sprinkled with a shit ton of pussy), Rick Perry's pretty much done, and Rick Santorum (and his frothy and well-deserved definition of his last name - go on, Google his last name if you haven't done so) will always hold a hate-filled space in my heart, but they need to fucking go. You too, Newt.

(I'll let my compadre Mike Garvey say something about this, too: " Look, Rick Perry is pretty fucking crazy. But I think Santorum and Richard...I mean Michelle Bachmann are even crazier. I'm not sure Rick Perry's even crazy so much as just a huge, huge dick. Like, one of those big, floppy elephant-dong-dildos you see in novelty porn shops and Gus' and my bedrooms. Yeah, those are even packaged these days as "Rick Perry*"

And yes, there is an asterisk. It's usually attached to a rider that says, "*This is not an actual replica of Rick Perry's penis, as that is most likely a shrunken, shrivelled, gnarled little brown gremlin, much like the cigars Burgess Meredith smoked in that weird printing press episode of The Twiilight Zone. No, not the one where he loved books, a different one where he was a mad, devilish printing guy. Yeah, THAT one. Did you have to Google it? I bet you did. Fucking poser. Anyway, this is an actual life-sized replica of Rick Perry himself. An elephant cock. Do you really want an elephant cock as President? Yeah, I kinda do, too. But don't do it, because getting fucked by an elephant cock hurts. Capice?"

And yes, all of that is in very small print at the bottom.")

But Mitt Romney's a fucking buzzkill. Seriously, he's about as exciting as an ant popping a boner. He has zero personality, and the charisma of the same country club gasbags whose vote he desperately covets. And there's nothing about him that's even funny. There's only a few jokes you could make about his hair, or his Mormonism, or the fact that his name is short for Mittens, but that's about it.

In short, once Romney v. Obama finally kicks off, it'll be pure boredom for a cynical shit like me that THRIVES on mocking the shit out of politicians.

I did say a quick note, right?


Nice to see Guided by Voices back in action on Letterman the other night. Here's one of my favorite tracks of theirs, Everywhere With Helicopter:


Alright, I'm off to bed. It's 12:29AM EST. Morning comes earlier than usual for me these days.

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Comment by Gus Sanchez on January 5, 2012 at 8:39pm
That's all you have to declare? I feel cheated!

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