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So you want to know who Wenona Hulsey is when I'm not a writer.

So you want to know who Wenona Hulsey is when I'm not a writer.  Very hard thing to do is separate my life from my writing.  My mind is always spinning on a scene or looking for inspiration to strike, even while I slave away at my day job as a shipping manager for a medium size company or while I'm taking my two kids shopping or to the lake.  I don't think I have a life that can be separated because my writing is part of my day to day life just like eating at my favorite Chinese restaurant or lounging in a book store, it's just part of me.

If I was to define me I would say I am the proud mother of two wonderful children, a boy age 6 and a girl age 15.  I work forty or more hours a week at a blue collar day job and I am known as the woman who is always reading or writing.  I carry my Kindle with me everywhere and my laptop is close by for when an idea strikes.

I'm currently working on the last book of the Nicole Keenan Series, titled Blood of Fire. It should be hitting ebook shelves Spring of 2012 via the wonderful Trestle Press Publishing.  The series is a Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy with a healthy dose of humor and suspense.  Suggested reading order for the series is to start with the novelette Blood Awakening, then dive into the full length novel Burden of Blood then put Blood of Fire on your wish list for when the final book of the series is set loose on the world.

I also love social networks so if you would like to keep up with the latest in my world just add me.  I'm always up for a good chat!

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