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So Kresley Cole writing a YA book, I was a little sceptical to say the least. This book could easily have become to raunchy for under-agers. Okay so this book was one of those secretly brilliant books that you think you're not enjoying but suddenly when the end comes you're sad to see its all over. The plot was a little slow for me especially at the beginning. After reading the prologue and expecting an apocalyptic event, I was felt a little let down at then having to endure meaningless events of a teenagers life. I know that its vital to get a background story and to understand the events leading up to the apocalypse but I just found the beginning tedious and annoying. By the end of the book though I was absolutely glued to the pages once the apocalypse had happened it seemed ten times more interesting especially when Evie and Jackson where stuck in the car together on a long and strenuous journey. The sexual tension was undeniable but as usual with young adult books the main characters are too stupid to realise what's happening around them. There is kind of a love triangle but I didn't think there was much for Evie to worry about on that score. Until the end that is when Jack goes all catholic style on her arse. I'm still a bit confused as to all the teenagers are and what it is that's happening but I'm sure it will all be explained in the next book which I will definitely be buying as soon as it's released.

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