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Okay so a little let down with this book. It was rather predictable. Yeah there where the nice parts where we got to see Eden and Jericho become close and I'm definitely rooting for him still he's just soo lovable I want to give him a big bear hug. This book to me seemed more of an inbetween than a full novel. There just wasn't really much going on especially at the beginning, yeah Eden finally got to meet her parents and at the end save Avalon but seriously there was just too much whining from Eden for me to take this book seriously. Talking about Eden meeting her long lost parents -she just sat across from them all smiley, smiley telling them she loved them. Hello, she's a teenager isn't she where's all her anger at them for abandoning her and her brother and running off like cowards. Yeah she may understand that they where trying to save their children's lives but teenagers aren't known for listening to reason. She's been lied to her whole life whilst only just getting to know her brother and grandfather, yet she feels no anger whatsoever towards her parents. If that was me I'd definitely be throwing a fit or two. Anywayss back to the book. Despite all the moaning Eden is a lot more self-less in this book, so that's a point in her favour but she just annoyed me too much for me to get over it lol. She did redeem herself considerably at the end though, saving Avalon and that because come on she was a useless leader. This book is still good but not as good as the previous, it just lacked the wow factor for me.

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