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Review: Ethandun (The Lost Dacomé Files #2) by Alexandra May

Rating: *****
Oh. My. God. Or should I say 'Oh, crank!' If you've read Ms May's previous books you'll have a fair knowledge of the Elemental side of her stories. Her book The Battle for Arcanon Major filled in some of the backstory of Halika Dacomé but I've been waiting forever to read more.
It wasn't The Circle of Fire as I wanted but I knew this was Ms May's latest and I was lucky enough to get a review copy.
While the emphasis of this story is historical, it isn't the story itself.
Ethandun takes you on a human approach through the last 36 hours before the major battle between King Alfred and the Danes, led by a warlord called Guthrum.

The main character is Lord Tristan Dracanburh. Right from the beginning you know something is different about him. He's 17 and admits he's druid born but as you get into the story you realise he's not just a druid. He's something else too.

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