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But first I want to let you all know how I'll be handling reviews.

When I find something that I absolutely love, I looooove to share it with everyone. I mean, I won't shut up about it. So, naturally, reviewing products and services would fit well with Momma Candy. I mean, this blog is about stuff I love (and occasionally stuff that irritates me, but still). That's why it's called Momma Candy - it's candy for this Momma.

So, if and when I do reviews it will always be something I'm genuinely interested in learning about or trying.

With that being said, here goes my first review!

I haven't always focused on my fitness and weight. Truth be told, I was a bean pole until my 20's. But I had my second son, hit 200 pounds on delivery day, and then was pregnant again six months later with my third baby. I had my work cut out for me! I started running, participating in 5K's, and then recently, in the last year or so, I finally really got into shape and hit my goal weight. The secret? Wait for it.....

Diet and exercise.

Did I just blow your mind?
But, of course, over the holidays I relaxed my healthy eating and gym devotion. In other words, I filled my diet with pumpkin chocolate chip bread and chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. And wine. Don't forget wine. Bottles and bottles of wine. What can I say, I was feeling the Merry in Merry Christmas.

So, I've had a little work to do in getting back to my healthy habits.

Hello, It Works Body Wraps!

Don't laugh!

I have really wanted to try this product for like a year now. I've never tried a wrap but I kept hearing about the It Works wraps and I really wanted to try it. And, if we're getting personal, I wanted to lessen the bloat and tighten the loose skin that comes with having a giant 9 pound baby, followed by another pregnancy six months later. I mean, there are parts of a woman's body that no matter how much we work out, things will never, ever go back. Ever. So I am up for trying anything!

When Amber from It Works offered the opportunity to try a wrap, I jumped at it!

What is an It Works Body Wrap?

The It Works Body Wrap is a wrap you literally wrap around your "problem areas." It has a lotion on it that It Works claims has natural ingredients that metabolize fat into energy. It's also supposed to facilitate in flushing out the toxins in the body so I was instructed to drink a lot of water while doing the wrap.

How was I supposed to make It Works work?

I followed all the instructions carefully. I used the wrap over my abdomen and waist area. The wrap had a lotion that smelled really good and spa-like. Then I had to secure it with additional saran wrap so I could move around for the forty-five minute span I was instructed to have it on. I was also supposed to drink two bottles of water in that forty-five minute span.

And the results are...

Before applying the wrap I had to take my measurements with a measuring tape. I took one measurement above my belly button, one measurement at my belly button, and one below. And then after the wrap was done, I had to take my measurements again.

My measurements:

Before After
29 1/2 inches 29 inches* (Above belly button)
32 3/8 inches 32 inches* (At belly button)
36 1/4 inches 35 7/8 inches* (below button)
*The results did not appear after the initial forty-five minutes. There is a seventy-two hour period that the wrap and lotion is supposed to be effective. Only one of the measurements changed after the forty-five minute period. The rest of the measurements changed over the following seventy-two hours.
My Experience:

I originally thought these wraps were a diuretic wrap - meaning it gets rid of water weight. But that isn't the claim of It Works. The claim is actually that the wraps help flush out toxins and firm the skin, helping it to look smoother.

The lotion the wrap comes with is really nice. It smells pretty and it was cooling and tingly for the whole forty-five minutes! It got to a point where I was worried the tingling might turn into burning with my sensitive skin but it never did. After the wrap was removed, it really did feel like I had just undergone a wrap at the spa.

I was really, really, really thirsty for the entire 72 hours! And all I drink is water and coffee on a daily basis. I had no wine or alcohol during that time period. But I couldn't get enough water! I also made sure not to change up what I was eating too much. I didn't results to be because I was on a perfect healthy diet because results can be achieved with that alone and no wrap involved. So I made my smart choices and a few of my usual indulgent choices, as well. I'll take homemade brownies for $200, please.

When I took the before and after pictures, I didn't look at them for a few days and honestly I didn't think there would be a difference. But when I saw the side by sides, I was genuinely surprised I could see any difference at all.

P.S. I don't know why I'm orange. I haven't had a spray tan in a good six months. I guess my blood is half spray tan now.

[To view photos, please visit www.mommacandy.com.]

The top picture is obviously a side view. The bottom is more a picture of how the skin smoothed over slightly after one application. I can see a slight difference and I'd be interested to know what kind of difference I'd see after four applications.

In Conclusion
I lost around 1 to 1 1/2 inches in total, which is what I hear is average after one application. But that's in total, meaning it was about 1/2 inch per measurement. A regular schedule of It Works body wraps includes four different applications. So I would be interested to see what the results would be after four.

It is quite possible that with all the water that's suggested, all the toxins could be flushed out by that alone. However, the lotion on the wrap is worth it enough to try.

To learn more about It Works body wraps, visit Amber at https://befitchic.myitworks.com/Home or her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BeFitChic.
Spas have been doing wraps for years to detoxify. So I liken these wraps to more of a spa treatment than a complete and total weight loss solution.

I think if you're interested in the product to supplement your current healthy lifestyle, this might work well. If anything, it feels really good and cooling for the skin so it, in turn, feels very pampering. But, remember, nothing can replace a good diet and exercise.

I know...yada yada yada.

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