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Well Hello-hello my Dear Friend... I’ve been expecting you!  I know Darling, it’s been awhile... I’ve been up to my eyeballs in media relations and I can’t seem to cut through all these emails!  Enough about that, for now... Come make yourself comfy, I’ve got a strong brew to fill your cup...

I am exasperated to say the least by all the emails that are flooding my inbox sent by these annoying PR/Media people who have no clue how the world of the BlogSphere works!  These schmucks think that we bloggers will write and advertise their products for free... What the hey?
I am constantly bombarded with notes of how much these people enjoy my blog and how ‘family friendly’ my content is... Really??  Family friendly?  Since when is butt crack family friendly?  Or how about MILFs?  Explain that one to your 8 year old!

It is obviously clear that these PR people are a bit simpleminded and they could use my help in making their way through Blogland... So Darling, if you have the need to send this post to those irritating people in the PR department, please DO, compliments of Caffe!

PR People, get your notebooks out... this is for you

DO use the bloggers name in the intro of your email.  It shows that you actually took the time to notice.

Don’t not mention the blog’s name and it’s a guarantee that the delete button gets clicked faster than I can apply my lipstick.

DO peruse the blog to see what the blog has to offer, if what you are selling compliments what the blog is about, contact the owner.

Don’t bother the blog owner with irrelevant information that has nothing to do with lipstick, Stoli Elit, Prada Shoes, MILFy clothes, what the blog content is about.  For instance... my blog is about a hot MILF named Caffe who is obsessed with lipsticks and likes to ridicule other Mommys’ bad behaviors.  What that means to a PR person?  Don’t send me a press release on lactating... ooops... lactation consultant Sara Chana... and PLEASE note, I’m a MILF!  I don’t need America’s #1 authority, Bob Harper to tell me how to lose weight... I’m perfect the way I am! 

 DO ask the blog owner if they would be interested in what you are promoting and also include how you will compensate the blog owner for working on this project with you. 

Don’t tell the blog owner they should write about your product!  Nothing muddles my lipstick more than getting an email that tells me what I should write about... worse yet, if it’s a product that has nothing to do with what I write... Hmmmph!

So there you have it... communications 101 for those who work in public relations.  It should be a no brainer... after all, these people are in public relations!  If there is a need for any other advice on how to behave in the Land of Bloggers, I would be happy to assist.

My cup is empty and I need to get back to work... I have many emails to delete, hmmm... maybe I’ll send them this post instead.  Until next time my Dear Friend... Ta Ta!

Get Your Cup Filled with Caffeinated OC Mommy

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