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There are a spectrum of stories when it comes to plastic surgery. I have heard (and lived) through good ones and heard nightmare tales that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy! After having two babies, I now understand the NEED and want for a little "help" in a few areas, but there are true pro's and con's to plastic surgery.

On one hand, I've had friends who've had breast implants put in due to sagging from nursing all of their children. There was really no other option and even though my friend was not crazy about the idea of having surgery, she knew that the problem would not fix itself. The reconstructive surgery to correct this was nothing short of miraculous and seeing their self-esteem improved has been a blessing. 

On the other hand, the stories you hear and read about regarding teens with body issues and complexes is just disheartening. A true doctor who is not only in the business for the money, takes the time to get to know their patient and learns more about the psychological side of why their patient wants plastic surgery. 

Having kids now, I see the dangers and recognize the signs when it comes to plastic surgery. Before you consider having surgery or letting your child undergo surgery, please research doctors and seek counseling.

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