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Tonight on The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show- Wall to Wall Fun!


An amazing double-header tonight folks: Thriller/Suspense/Action author Richard Doetsch will start us off right at 7 PM EST and then we shift into a social media simulcast mode with Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell and her Whoopie Pie Club from Facebook. She hosts a weekly Tuesday night book chat there.Whoopie Pie Pam will ask the questions on air, and on Facebook, we will get the authors answers live her on the show, and tackle any email or call in questions.

The main question is then : Are you ready to party? We will be starting at 7PM EST sharp and going right to the end at 9 PM EST. Here is the link for the show and a little about the authors and their work:



About Richard Doetsch and his new novel “The Thieves of Legend” :

In a world of dark and light, where East meets West, a horrific act of violence propels former thief Michael St. Pierre into a mystery that began five hundred years ago. . . .


In Richard Doetsch's next unforgettable Thieves thriller, Michael and his ex-girlfriend KC Ryan have been blackmailed by a U.S. Army colonel. They are to travel to opposite ends of China, and each is responsible for stealing a piece of an ancient puzzle: a diary and a compass. With their lives dependent on each other’s success, they must face off against the complex underworld of the Chinese triads, a twisted female assassin, and a madman whose only desire is to possess the secrets held within the pages of the diary—knowledge that would give him enormous power and lead to the downfall of nations.


Moving from the glittering casinos of Macau to its dark and dangerous backstreets; from the palace at the heart of China’s Forbidden City to the medieval castles of Spain; from the seaside mansions along the Amalfi Coast to an uncharted Pacific island, Michael is in a race against time. He has less than five days to uncover a five-hundred-year-old mystery—and to save KC from certain death.

Richard Doetsch is the bestselling author of two thrillers The Thieves of Heaven and The Thieves of Faith, as well as the forthcoming The 13th Hour. He is also the president of a national real estate company based in New York, where he lives with his family.


Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell and her cookbook “Whoopie Pie Pam's Kitchen Collections - Volume 1 - Christmas Cookie Exchange” :

Shared by Pam Jarrell, known to most as Whoopie Pie Pam, creator of the Whoopie Pie Book Club and Whoopie Pie Place, this book is bound to become a treasure to those who cherish holiday memories, cookies, and heartfelt stories. Inside this volume, you will find tips on how to have a successful Christmas Cookie Exchange Party as well as favorite cookie recipes and Christmas memories from some of her cherished Whoopie Pie friends, family and Christian Authors.


Here guests tonight will be Best- Selling Authors Sarah Price and Karen Anna Vogel.


Sarah Price’s “A Gift of Faith” will be the one of the stories featured:

It's a warm summer evening when Jonas King, the bishop within his church district, finds himself faced with an enormous test of faith. For several months, he is left pondering his losses and how it fits into God's plan. How could God desert him when he has been such a pious follower of His Word? The community tries to help him through his trials but Jonas is resistant. It takes an amazing Christmas miracle to open his eyes to the every day nature of God's gifts to the world. Can his faith be saved in time?


Karen Anna Vogel’s “Amish Knitting Circle Christmas - Granny & Jeb's Love Story” will be the other:

Granny Weaver started a knitting circle believing women are stronger spun together, just like her wool. But she was young once with her own struggles.

In 1963 Deborah Byler is twenty-one and has turned down seven marriage proposals from hopeful suitors in Millersburg, Ohio. At her parent's request, she goes to live with relatives in the new Amish settlement in Smicksburg, Pennsylvania, praying she'll find a match.

Jeb Weaver lives in a strict Swartzentruber Amish settlement, and he can no longer abide under the rules of the Ordnung. His older brother left the family farm and settled in Smicksburg, and convinces Jeb to do the same.

When Jeb meets Deborah, he finds her too liberal and outspoken. Deborah thinks Jeb's judgmental and a complete stick in the mud. Their constant clashing makes sparks fly.

Will an African American man, who hitchhikes around the country to attend Martin Luther King Jr. marches, help Jeb and Deborah see their own prejudices?

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