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Part 1: Simple ways to get organized for 2012

Hello Friends,

As we gear up to move into 2012, I wanted to provide you with a 2 part series to help you begin the process to get organized. Hope you enjoy and find useful!

(1) Tackle email overload
Now is the time to sort thru all your email and remove yourself from any unnecessary mailing lists. I generally recommend you stay on lists that send coupons you will actually use or remain on those that offer good suggestions and guidance on topics you care about. The way you remove yourself from a mailing list is to unsubscribe. For the most part, you can do this easily by opening the email, scroll all the way to the bottom and look for an “unsubscribe” button. Some will make this more complicated so if you don’t see an “unsubscribe” button look for some other way to pull yourself from the list. I promise you will notice a significant drop in your email once you have completed.

(2) Register all your new gadgets
Did you receive lots of new technology presents this year? If so, lucky you! Whatever you may have received be sure to register your new device with the manufacturer.

(3) Buy a docking station
Buy a docking station for simple storage/placement of all your hand-held devices and to avoid having uncharged devices. Grab a docking station (or two!) and keep in a handy spot for the family. After a while, it will become habitual to walk in the house and store devices on the station. For children with the iPod/iphone we recommend you get icloud installed / activated just in case. Not only will this enable for backing up your device to the cloud you will have the ability to ‘ping’ your device if misplaced

(4) Get your Photos online
If you have not done this by now you should. Set up an account with Shutterfly or Kodak Gallery so that you can store your photos on-line. Talk to your friends and ask them which sites they use so you can balance the pros / cons against your needs. Setting up an account is free and by this time next year you will be ordering your holiday cards on-line and with just a few clicks.

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