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Dear readers,
This post is about ingredients that we are consuming probably everyday: Oils and butters. I was eating at a restaurant with friends when the question about the difference between sunflower and olive oils came up. I thought that would be good material for a SSS post!
Between margarine and butter, olive and sunflower oil, it is sometimes difficult to understand the difference and lots of contradictory health information over the years  has had us all confused!
So let's try to make it clearer, for myself, and for everyone out there:
Fats are essential for a healthy body, providing a source of energy and carrying vital nutrients. We need fats in our diet to provide us with essential fatty acids for growth, healthy skin and metabolism but as a lot of advertising is telling us, it is necessary to pay attention to both the total amount and the type of fats that we ingest. 

So first of all, let's talk names! When we say fats, we really mean triglycerides of fatty acids but imagine people dropping triglycerides in a conversation, that would sound way too nerdy!! To put it simply fats are made of fatty acids, these will be released after ingestion:


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