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Number One Blogging Tip- How To Get Noticed In A Sea Of Self Promoters

To find out what I think is the number one blogging tip you'll have to keep reading.

I've done it you've done it we all do it.  Shameless self- promotion. "Hey come to my community, like my Facebook, follow me on Twitter, come to my blog hop, no come to mine," Check out my Parenting article ( that's my shameless promotion in case you didn't get that), I have tips, I have stories, I have cool pictures. Oh Yea well I dress up and pretend to go places that I've never gone just so the cyber world thinks I'm cool.

Lately all this self pumping promoting had me thinking. Like the cute yellow dude in the picture. How is it possible to stand out  and be noticed in a a sea of self promoters?  Ah ha ! How about promote others? OK I'm interrupting this post for a comedic break but it goes with the post so watch this 20 second video and I'll catch you under it.

This skit by Brian Regan reminds me of bloggers ( sometimes myself included).

( to see the video you'll have to visit my site I'm too tired to add it now LOL) http://www.mompreneurmogul.com

If you've never seen the whole skit it's hilarious. It's all about how one person dominates the conversation and only wants to talk about themselves.
So what is the number one blogging tip for bloggers? Don't just Toot and Dump.  If you've never heard that phrase it's because I just made it up. I like to do that sometimes.  Don't just hop on a person's blog or their Facebook or anything else and say "Toot toot follow me, I'm cool, don't you want to see what I did?" then leave their site and not even know what they wrote in their article. After all if you just dumped your toot in their comment section you want to make sure it relates to their post.
It happens to me tons. I'm not upset though I just smile and think. "OK I'll come visit you" But some bloggers really can't stand that.
I have a girlfriend as some of you know I've been a singer for years. We'd meet up on the road on some gigs after not seeing her for a year or so and she'd say " Girl I'm so happy to see you what's been going on?"  
After my second sentence she'd jump in and the rest of the night was like that video all about her.
I also wonder because I'm about to start my own blog hop with the New Year, do we really just want 5,000 followers?  Most of them probably don't read a word of what you say. Some do but I'm thinking most don't.  I have a few followers now and more are coming in by the day.  I can probably count on two hands the number of blogger friends who comment and talk with me on a regular basis.
I can tell you when they do it makes me feel awesome.  If you're reading this you probably know who you are and I love you guys!  If I do a blog hop then people who want to follow my blog should really want to follow. I know everyone is busy. There is barely time for anything when you're a mom let alone reading 50-60 blogs it's just not possible.
My number one tip and I'll end it with this because I'm suppose to be working on a few guest posts that are due ( see how self promotion just creeps in ) eek gads!  My number one tip is try to make the blogger you follow feel appreciated.  Try to re-tweet your friends things.  I ask in my newsletter all the time if I can help and what I can do.  So far I've not been asked but I"m always available.
So don't be like that old 70's song "Bad Girls" and be a "Bad Girl Blogger" who says "Toot Toot yea Beep Beep" And Toot and dump all over the place.  For those who are too young to remember this song ( God help me) They said Toot Toot at the beginning of it.
I'd like to end with a final thought.
In honor of our upcoming presidential elections let me l say:
I'm Lisa Cash Hanson Mompreneur Mogul and I Deeply Approve This Message.

BTW make sure you add your comments below now that you know what to do ! :)

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Comment by Lisa Cash Hanson on January 3, 2012 at 1:15pm

Marlana I'm not asking a quesition :) I'm sharing ways I've found to help other bloggers-

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