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No Flying Monkeys, but LOTS of Hairy Backed Mullets!

Hellooooo my Darling, I’ve returned to the OC and I have survived Kansas!  Sit down and let me pour you a fresh cup of ‘I’m SO happy to be home!’
The midwest has changed this OC Mommy’s perspective of small town America and I now have a new understanding and appreciation for Jeff Foxworthy’s many jokes!  So with that in mind, I would like to share with you a few little interesting tidbits that caught my attention and nearly made my eyeballs pop out of my head.  There really ought to be a Dos & Don’ts for middle America, so I think I will list a few here... 
Do wear T-shirts and shorts when the weather is hot.
Do Not go shirtless, with a hairy back sporting a mullet and Oakley blades riding on a motorized scooter in front of the post office in the middle of Cotton Wood Falls. 
Do use bug repellant and spray where and when needed.
Do Not use bug repellant like a bottle of Coco Chanel and no, it does not replace your daily bath.
Do take care of your yard with nicely pruned trees and flowering shrubs.
Car(s) on blocks with no tires and rusted, broken down refrigerators Do Not make nice decor by your mailbox.
Do have a healthy diet of fresh vegetables and fruit.  
Cotton candy and baked beans Do Not count as fine dining and the sushi found in the cooler known as minnows just don’t cut it!
Looking at this very short list, I’m wondering how on earth I made it through with my lipstick still intact! But I must admit, the beauty of the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve was absolutely heavenly!  If you get the chance to go, take the tour bus with Ranger Eric Patterson as he will give you a new view on why the prairies and buffalos are so important for this part of our country.
Well, my cup is empty and I still have to unpack my favorite lipsticks... so off you go.  Until next time my Sweet...  Ta Ta!
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Comment by Caffeinated OC Mommy on July 12, 2011 at 4:32pm
Oh good Gayle Darling... glad you got a good giggle!  Cups Up!  xoxo

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