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Today I entered new territory. For about an hour and a half today I could focus on just myself. It felt oddly weird though. I kinda felt bad as soon as I stepped onto the elliptical machine. Why though? Why should I feel bad if I take this time now that my oldest is in school to take care of my body? I don't know, I can't logically think of a reason, but still part of me does.

See now that my 5-year-old is in Kindergarten and Braidy is under 5, I got a membership to a nearby gym. It has a pool and a hot tub and free childcare for members. I have struggled since Braidy was born to find the time to work out at home. Sure they say get your kids involved but, it never really worked. They would get distracted, would run off, start a fight with the other one, get in trouble doing something they weren't supposed to do because they knew mommy was distracted, and I'd lose my momentum, my motivation and drive to keep myself in shape. I was lucky with JJ that my body kinda bounced back right after having him, and with Braidy I'm actually the same weight pre-pregnancy too, but things hang differently on me now and I just aint happy with that. So for my birthday, I asked my husband if it was ok to get a membership and he supported that idea. So now with a membership and one child in school, I really can focus on "me" now. I've given up focusing on my own well being for five years now and its time....its time I take a little bit of time making "me" feel better.

Being a blogger, I tend to sit quite a bit reading emails, blogs, responding to comments, writing reviews, corresponding with brands, you name it, you know what it all entails if you are blogger and I dart between the office and the laundry room, the play room, the kitchen etc throughout the day, but really it wasn't enough activity to get my body truly feeling good. Today, after a work out on two machines and a swim, I left that gym feeling great! I had energy again! I haven't felt that good in a long time.

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