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Hubs and I went for our once a year movie date over the holidays.   We went to see "So This Is 40?"    Yet again I pick a movie that the only funny parts are the previews.   Le sigh.   Hubs is not a movie guy and usually I'm laughing like a hyena while he's sighing and looking at his watch.    If you are dying to see this movie and don't want to know anything then don't read any further.  I will so spoil it for you.   

First off, Hubs and I aren't prudes.  He's in the restaurant business and can cuss like a sailor and in Spanish too. (thank you illegal cooks)  I only say bad things when the kiddies can't hear me.   And when it finally comes out I get quite creative.   Hubs can't stand to hear potty filth out of my mouth but it turns him on when I txt it.  Go figure.   Sitting in a theater and having eff you and every bad word hurled at you loudly in the first 30 seconds can throw off any cuss word connoisseur. C'mon give me the plot first! Then feel free to throw that crap at me.    The parents in this movie were horrible parents.  Kids were cussing and being horrible (mine would have been beaten) I mean narcissistic comes to mind with these folks and trust me I know narcissism

Parents that are calm when $20,000 is stolen from Mom's boutique and Dad not telling Mom that they are going under and have to sell the house, but in the next scene are at a posh hotel eating pot brownies because they are so stressed.........(all scenes  from this movie)  Puh-leeze.  Stress?   Um, in the real world (at least to me)  going under means going under as in we are eating beans & weenies like forever.  And pot??  What parent can afford drugs these days??   It's cheap beer and wine for all the parents I know.  Dulls the pain of parenting...

Ok, I'm done.  I hope this gets this freaking bad movie off my mind.  And if you go see it I hope you enjoy it better than I did.  I'd rather watch Twilight for the 74th time on my DVR........

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