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When one has lived a few decades (It's only been a few, so shut-up) and experienced the ups & downs, the rocks & rolls of life, and she finds herself recreating yet another identity (In my case writer-hahaaaa) and she discovers that this recreation is not without it's challenges (In this case time and networking) and on occasion finds herself bored and without inspiration (Because seriously how many times can you make baking bread fascinating) said 'writer' naturally goes to the internet to seek out the crazies, and/or, find a bit of nonsense she can grab onto and make (And I mean make 'cause this shizz is like giving birth) a post.

This is that post.

pushpush  hehe  pushpush  hehe


"We were worried about what was going to happen, but talking about your fears only scares you and everyone else even more, so nobody said anything."...

"They just kept showing up."

Need I say more?

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