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Love ,Acceptance,Connection,The Dark Side...Mark Carver's "Indelible"

Mark Carver just released “Indelible” on paperback yesterday!

It is an interesting novel to say the least.

Check out this one review, take right from Amazon:

 I really loved this book! The story of an artist, struggling with his darker sides, wanting to be noticed, but also looking for love and acceptance and connection.


You can have them both, right?


Well, when trouble falls upon the dog early on in this story, you know things aren't going to go as planned. This was a very cool book, an interesting character study, and I read it with eagerness during each sitting. It is the kind of read that both writers and readers alike would connect to. The prose is inviting, easily digested in large morsels and never gets in the way of the story. It largely is told from the POV of one character, and the author expertly has the reader stuck in the middle of this character's dillemas. On one side is the allure of recognition of his art, status with the fans, facebook likes and retweets and adoration at conventions. On the other side is something that seems deeper: an opportunity at a relationship that can provide a more meaningful happiness but without all the artistic recognition.


You can have both, right?


Well, characters we like acting against their own best interest makes for some great fiction. I found myself wanting the main character to speak up more, to express his feelings, to offer a kiss, to stop taking that pill, to do this and that and otherwise, but that's not what us humans always do. The author seemed to enjoy having the character participate in mini self-sabatoge while the reader thinks... "no, don't do it.. don't do it." I love how the author did the ending, although I am sure some will want something different. Either way, the character here is someone you will invest in, and the book is an excellent achievement.


~Mark Matthews, author of On the Lips of Children



Here is the synopsis, link for novel and a little bit on Mark Carver:

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Indelible-Mark-Carver/dp/1622084128/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1406310692&sr=8-4&keywords=mark+carver

Most people would say that Cameron McConnell has a pretty sweet life - living in sunny California, designing fantasy weapons for big-name clients, and enjoying his bachelorhood with his loyal dog Conan.

But it's not enough. Cameron knows that deep inside him is a barbarian that wants to break free. The only problem is that no one else knows it.

So he makes a drastic choice: a savage tattoo on the left side of his face.

From that moment on, everything changes. His family is horrified. Women are intrigued. Friends are in awe. And the fantasy weapons world goes nuts. Cameron becomes an instantly-recognizable celebrity, and he thinks that this could be what he was missing all along.

But what happens when the mask we show the world becomes a permanent part of us? And what happens when we start to believe the myth we have created?

Mark Carver is the author of The Age of Apollyon Trilogy, the short story series The Jerusalem Chronicles, and Indelible. His next book, Cyn, will be released soon and he is currently working on his sixth novel, Beast. Besides writing, he is passionate about art, tattoos, heavy metal, and medieval architecture.


After living in China for more than eight years, he now lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and two children.


Please visit Mark's homepage for news and info: http://www.markcarverbooks.com


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