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Letters to my girl #1 @ SakuraHaruka.Blogspot.com

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I actually set up my own Youtube channel {aisakuraharuka} so that I can have a fixed place to store the little pumpkin's wonderful videos, and also to leave special video messages to my little girl. In the unforeseen circumstance that I suddenly die *touch wood* at least the pumpkin will have a way to hear my voice, and see my talking to her... yes, I am paranoid in this way :P

Dear Little Pumpkin,
You are now 27 months old. Yup.. halfway to 2.5 years old!! My darling girl, mummy is so happy to have you around in my life. You are certainly the sunshine to any of my gloomy days. You have such an infectious laughter and your crazy antics certainly makes anyone near you just want to hug and kiss ya!

My little girly-girl, even at this tender age, you like to dress up and "wear make-up" haha.. In fact, you like to even apply it for me! You would sit on me and tell me to close my eyes/ pout my mouth so that you can use your little chubby fingers to apply eye shadow or lipstick for me. At night, you like to wear your strawberry yogurt-flavoured lip balm before you sleep..

I remember how hard it was to get you to start on formula milk. I breastfed you until you were about 25 months old, but you slowly started on formula a few months before that. Thanks to your grandma for that.. because I certainly did not have the patience to spoon feed you the formula milk when you refused to take it from a bottle!! Nowadays, you can finish a tin of milk powder (850g) in 2 weeks!! You drink 3 feeds a day, 200ml each time {in the morning after you wake up, after your noon nap, and before you sleep at night}. Baby girl, your Wakado ぐんぐん milk powder isn't cheap... but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm just so happy that you are taking formula milk, and eating much better than before. Certainly, you do look slightly chubbier now heehee

However, even though your appetite and eating habits have vastly improved, your daddy and I do wish that your sleeping habits would!!! OMG I think last night we only slept 4 hrs!! *sobs* Please do not do this to your working mummy, and daddy who has to work every day..

Currently, you usually wake up around 9-10am then take a nap just after your lunch for about 2-2.5hrs. At night, you sleep around 10.30pm. Before you sleep your daddy {sometimes me} would read you to sleep. You still need us to "pat pat" your backside to sleep though. I think you like the rhythm :) Nowadays, you would play with the iPad before you sleep too. I think that is causing you to be more hyper and thus, not sleep very well at night.. or take a long time to tune down and sleep.

Usually, you would already wake up 3-4 times a night. Mind you, this has been going on ever since you were born! Mummy and daddy are used to this already, and see it as the norm now. We don't really have expectations of you to sleep through the night now, but just pray that you would get to sleep faster, and wake up maybe just 1-2 times a night?? Pretty please?? You don't wake up to drink any milk or water.. so I am not sure why you wake up in the middle of the night. Maybe it is because you pee as you are rather sensitive to that :/

In any case, we have decided to not let you play the iPad anymore before you sleep. You are actually pretty good with the iPad and iPhone actually. You can remember and find the apps that you like to use, and work the apps properly. For example, you can find the Youtube app, start a video, end it and look through the history/favourites list to play another video! If you knew how to spell I am sure that you would start searching for your own vids!! Also, you have started using mumm's phonebook app to call out and have conversations with mummy's friends & family!! Naughty girl!

Your speech development is really good. My little pumpkin, you can talk very well and pronounce almost all your words perfectly {in your cute baby voice heehee}. You recognise the numbers, but fumble on your counting a bit. Alphabets are not your strong point either.. and colours, well, mummy sometimes think that you are colour-blind because you tend to answer "green" whenever we ask you "what's this colour?". However, I think it is your playfulness to get a reaction out of your wrong answer haha. Even if you are colour-blind, it is not a big deal because your Uncle Allan is colour-blind and he is doing very well in life :)

You are not attending any formal schooling, and I am sorry that mummy has not really got down to any "educational" stuff with you yet so you cannot be faulted for not knowing all your a,b,c's. Your grandma is giving your some informal lessons while you are over with her during the weekdays though. But whatever it is, I want you to enjoy your childhood. I want you to enjoy your freedom, and of just being a kid and playing. You will have many years of formal education ahead of you, so there is no reason to get you all stressed now. There is more to life than being the top of your class, and of reading books all day indoors.

Live well and strong my love. In anything, everything, enjoy the experience and life's simple pleasures. Mummy and daddy have high hopes for you, but above all, we want you to be happy.

Love always, Mummy
P.S. Thanks to all who have visited Sakura Haruka so far and left lovely comments. I am sorry I have not been able to answer to all yet but I do note the love shown. Some of you have very lovely blogs too so thanks for appreciating mine :)
Visit my blog Sakura Haruka and be a friend on GFC.

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