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Learn To Design Your Blogger Blog for only $25

The Blogger Design eCourse got its own homepage! You can check it out here: http://sfbloggerecourse.blogspot.dk/

Want to know what is included in the eCourse? Here is the rundown:

Price: $25

When and how long: There will be a class once a month, usually starting on the 15th.

Whats included:
* A month access to the course website, and all the materials
* An eBook for you to download and keep that covers the basics.
* 3 Blogger Templates for you to work from.
* 8-10 Lessons that include video tutorials.
* Access to forums for peer to peer feedback.
* The opportunity to ask me questions and get help on you design.
* Access to a resource list to help you find everything you need for your design.

What is covered in the lessons:
* Basic CSS and HTML needed for your design.
* How to use images and fonts in your design.
* Customization of Backgrounds
* Customization of navigations Bars (including drop down menus)
* Installation of social networking buttons and share buttons
* Customization of sidebar areas and post areas (including gadgets, post titles, etc.)
* The little extras (post signature, dividers and more)
* How to add additional sidebars and gadget areas.
* How to install your new design.

What programs are needed: None! I will show you how to do anything you need design wise using the free online programpixlr. However, I do recommend GIMP, a very powerful and free editing program.

Depending on what programs students have, video tutorial will be provided for pixlr, GIMP and Photoshop if there is a demand for them.

How it works: Once you have purchased your spot, you will receive an email from me with more details. A couple days before the start of the class you receive log-in information for eCourse site. The first two weeks are devoted to lessons. Every day or second day (depending on the size of the lesson) I will post a lesson. You are free to log-in and work on them at any time. Knowing that some people are very busy, the remaining of the month left open for any questions you may have. There were be forums available for everyone to post in. I will check in a couple times a day to answer and help.

So you can choose to follow along with the lessons, or take the entire month to work on your design at your own pace.

Where do I sign up?
You can purchase your spot in my design shoppe http://goodsie.com/store/sommerfugl-design-shopppe/ecourses
There is a limit to 30 spots per class to ensure that I am able to help each and everyone who participates.

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