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Labels: An Organized Bloggers Best Tool!

If I could only offer one piece of advice for organizing your blog it would be to use labels.  Labels are by far a bloggers best kept secret for organization! I can't stress enough how helpful and beneficial labels can be to you and your blog! I know that some are unfamiliar with labels but they are extremely simple to use and only take a few extra seconds when posting.


Labels are a great way for readers to find what they are looking for but even better they can help you separate the important areas and topics on your blog into categories.


First, let's look at when and why you would want to use labels:


1) Easy navigation for readers. When you have a label list in your sidebar readers can see all the topics you write about and choose what interests them most. Giving them this option allows them to find what they are looking for, the easier it is to navigate through your blog the greater the chances are that readers will return.


2) Blog hops and/or events. Many bloggers run a blog hop or even at some point. These are great, fun blogging activities. The problem is when you link your blog hop or event to your main page and then post about other things on that same day readers get confused and leave. BUT when you link your blog hop or event button to posts with the label of that blog hop or event readers are brought right to what they are expecting!


3) Lists- This is one of the most beneficial ways to use labels. lets say you run a recipe blog. You offer recipes for Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert. Now a reader comes to your blog and they want a dessert recipe, it is highly unlikely they want to sit and scroll through weeks of posts on dinner and lunch precipices when they just came for desert. This is where labels come in. If you had named every one of your dessert posts, "Dessert" and reader would be able to click on it and only see your dessert recipes!


4) Navigation bar links- Many times the most important aspects of your blogs can be found in your navigation bar. Some of the links you would like to add to your navigation bar are for specific posts. the easiest way to link to specific posts is through labels. Lets say you run a blog that covers many topics: crafts, giveaways, family life, etc... and you want to add "crafts" to your navigation bar and when clicked on you want only your craft posts to show up- easy, this can be done using labels!


So what how do labels work and how do you use them?


Labels basically group posts together into categories, categories being "labels". 


To use them decide what "labels" you would like. You can give one post multiple labels.


So lets say you write a lot of craft posts, you would label each craft post "crafts". Simply enter the word "crafts" into the label box when writing your post.


PLEASE NOTE: you must enter the label the same on all posts that you want grouped together so if you decide on "crafts" always enter "crafts" don't switch to "Crafts" with an uppercase C, etc... it has to be the exact same.


So to find your labels simply publish your post and view it. You will see either above or below your post the new labels you attached to it. Click on the label and there you should see all posts with the same label! To link to that list just grab the url from the top of the page- it's that easy!



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