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Before even considering earning money from your blog you should spend your time growing your blog and building it up as much as you can, if you do not have a significant flow of traffic then you will likely fail at your early attempts to earn money from your blog. Advertisers need to know that your blog will bring them traffic and if your blog itself is not generating traffic then you have little to offer.To be successful at making money from your blog you need to know the basics of building up your blog and where your blog should be before stepping out into the world of making money from your it. Check out: "Earning Money From Your Blog: Tips Before Getting Started!" to find out more!   


When you feel that you have reached a point with your blog that you are ready to start advertising and making money from your blog you have a lot of great options. You will need to choose what will work best for you as all blogs are different. The main thing to remember is to try and target your audience, this will bring you the greatest success. Also, be prepared for some trial and error- what works for one blogger may not work for another. 


There are so many options when it comes to monetizing your blog that it can often get confusing and even overwhelming. The good thing is you don't need to try them all at once. Give one a few months if it's not working you can try something else.


To make your monetizing options a bit less complicated lets break down the ways you can earn money from your blog and also give you a few places to get started.



Contextual Ads/ CPC Ads

Contextual ads and CPC ads (cost per click ads) are a very common and popular way of earning money from your blog. Basically, with this type of advertising when someone clicks on your ad or text link you make money. How much money depends. It sounds simple but it's actually not always easy to make money this way. There is a lot more than meets the eye. You cant expect to put these types of ads up and have readers just click away- it's not that simple. First of all, you are more likely to make money with these types of ad programs if you have a niche blog, something specific so that the ads can be relevant to your content. Second, placement is important! Where you place your ads can determine how successful they are. Third, and most importantly not all clicks are created equally, you could have a click that earns you .02, .20, or if you're lucky $2.00 but you never know. As with most advertising, the more traffic you have the more likely you are to do well. Here are a few CPC options:


Google Adsense- Probably the most well known advertising option out there. I myself love Adsense! In the beginning- it did not work out so good but I started advertising at about 500 followers and 6 months into blogging when my traffic was not at all what it needed to be to earn any money. So needles to say I didn't start earning until about a year into blogging. Some bloggers do not like Adsense at all and find that they do not make money with it but again much of it will depend on your traffic, ads in relation to your blog, and ad placement. With Adsense you earn money when someone clicks on an ad. The price they pay can range from a penny to a few dollars sometimes even more. Adsense determines what ads will be placed on your site, therefor it is very important to be key word savvy when writing posts. Adsense pays out when you have reached $100.00 so if you are not getting many clicks you may be waiting a while for a payment. Overall, my top option!


Chitika- Chitika is similar to Adsense in that you will be paid per click. There payout rate is much lower so you will be paid when your account reaches $10.00 (if you have a Paypal account). They also have the option of earning from their referral program. So you can earn money by recruiting people to join, you then earn 10% of what your referrals earn.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great advertising option for niche bloggers. With affiliate marketing you sign up with a marketing company where you then connect with various advertisers. Most will review your site and decide if you are a good fit before excepting you. Once accepted you place the ads on your site and you earn money when something is purchased. This is a much harder way to make money blogging as it requires a purchase to be made in order for you to make money. However, if your ads are relevant to your content you have a greater chance. So if you blog about books and have an Amazon ad for books you have a great match, if you blog about beauty and find an advertiser that offers great beauty products- another great match. Here are just a few affiliate options:


Amazon Associates- Amazon Associates is a very popular affiliate marketing program. You have so many options and can target your audience because Amazon allows you to link to specific products and pages. Amazon pays based on sales so you will make a % of what any reader from your blog clicks through and buys. If no purchases are made then no money is made on your end. 


Commision Junction- Commission Junction has an extensive list of advertisers. Once you sign up for Commission Junction you can browse the advertisers and apply for their program. If you are excepted you will be given access to links, banners, and buttons that all have your affiliate id and these can be placed on your blog. The down side is you have to earn money to make money so if no one buys you don't make a dime. Also, if your account becomes inactive- meaning you have no sales in 5 months they begin the process of deactivating your account which is sort of a pain.


Linkshare- With Linkshare you have a lot of options. I wouldn't suggest this company unless your blog is well established and generating a good amount of traffic. You can choose to promote their site Linkshare and then earn off of referrals, you can enter in your blog information, advertisers look it over and make you an offer on a monthly ad space rate, you can make widgets that are created as ads like a coupon finder, or you even can add a bit of code that ads text links to your blog posts (for Wordpress there is a plug in which makes it very easy) and again these are just a few options,view more here. Overall, the options are pretty extensive so I haven't yet explored all of them but I do love this site.


Logical Media- I have heard a lot of good things about Logical Media. They are pretty specific on the sites they choose and they want them to be close to what their advertisers are promoting so there is a chance you will not be excepted. I have heard however, if you are declined- wait awhile and try again because you just may get in.


Again, these are just a few options. There are so many affiliate programs out there sometimes it is even better to find a product you like and see if they have an affiliate program. Most websites that offer affiliate programs will list it at the very bottom of their website, it will say something like "Become an Affiliate". This gives you a greater range of options so always keep an eye out!


Review Posts

Pay Per Post- I know VERY little about review posts other than that bloggers seem to do very will with them. Writing reviews has become a very popular way for bloggers to make money. Since I know very little about this site, I will share what they have stated on their website about their program: "PayPerPost.com is an online marketplace that connects you directly with advertisers who will pay you to write blog posts about their products, services and websites on your own blog. Advertisers offer you “Opportunities” and you have the option of accepting, declining or negotiating with them. Think of it like eBay for sponsored blog posts."


Review Me- review Me is another site that offers opportunities for bloggers to connect with companies to write review posts. You decide to accept reviews or not and can be paid anywhere from $20.00 to $200.00.



Direct AD Space/ Sponsorship

Direct ad space consists of selling ad space directly on your site. You set the rules, the rates, and where the ads will be placed. Offering ad space on your blog can be very profitable but again only if your blog is at a point that it has something to offer potential advertisers. Direct ad space is not something you would want not want to offer on a brand new blog but if you have quite a few followers, monthly visitors and other promising stats to offer than this is a great way to earn money from your blog. We will go into this aspect of earning money from your blog in next weeks Blog Talk posts so stay tuned for those!


A few places on BSN to help out with monetizing your blog:


Monetize Me- Melissa started a great place to meet up and ask all your questions about making money from your blog. 


Blog Sponsor Connection- A great place to seek or post blog advertising space.


Blogger Opp- Another great group started by Melissa where you can post and find blogger opportunities for reviews, giveaways, etc...


If you have had success with earning money from your blog we would love to hear about it! Please leave a comment below letting us know what has worked for you!


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Comment by Multi-Testing Mommy on September 21, 2011 at 5:26am

Thanks for introducing me to reviewme.com! I'll have to try it out!

Great article!

Comment by Melissa on September 20, 2011 at 12:20pm
fantastic article. thank you. I bookmarked it so i can use it for future reference. I am enjoying watching my readership rise but now i understand why it's likely still too soon.... thank you for all the guidance!

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