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wow, i'm really in the mood of writing. hahaha.

now, i really want to share how i clean my face everyday (while taking shower) and this is not how people MUST clean their faces, this is just how i do it, and i just wanna share it because at some points, i think it's helpful. though, i got some steps from here and there, opinions from other people (such as doctor), etc.

so here we go...

Step 1: wash your face with cold water.

this is funny because i read in my articles that we should wash our face with luke warm water. I don't know which one is true until i go to a doctor. She said that we should't take a shower or clean our face with warm water because it will dry out our skin. as our skin dried out, it will easier for the skin to be irritated.

Basically the warm water will take the oil that will protect our skin. if we continue to wash our face with warm water, our face will aging faster. Oh nooo....

Step 2: do not use high pressured water directly to your face.

The skin on face area is the most sensitive skin ever!!!! so, we shouldn't use high pressured water (for example the shower) directly to our face. it will harm our skin.

we can point the shower above the forehead and let the water run through our face. as for me, i will clean my face with the water from my bathroom sink before i'm taking shower. so while i'm taking shower, i will not let my face touched by the water from the shower.

Step 3: there is no need to use cleanser/facial foam twice.

Some people think that by washing it twice, it will be more "cleaner". that is not true. washing your face with cleanser/facial foam twice at a time will dry out your skin.

instead, clean your face just once, but very throughly. do not forget the tip of your nose, skin below your ears, etc. it will take more time, but hey, it will go the same with cleansing twice. in fact, it will save the facial foam. hehe.

Step 4: wash your face gently

As i say, the skin on face area is the most sensitive area. it is not a laundry so there is no need to rub it really hard. hahahaha. rubbing it hard will only irritate and torture the skin. Just rub it gently with circular motion counter-clocked wise. i heard it somewhere that it can help generate the skin cell.

Step 5: use different towel for the face

i heard it from a doctor that we need to use different towel to wipe our face after we done. what i mean is, usually people use the same towel for their body and face after taking a shower. so we need to separate the towel as the bacteria from all over our body will stay on the towel, and if we use the same towel for the face, the bacteria will transferred to our face. you wouldn't want that to happen, would you? i think what the doctor says is make sense, so recently i use different towel for the face.

Step 6: use toner After you finish your "washing face" routine, it doesn't end after you finished with the cleaner. there are so many possibilities that there are some "dirt" or impurities that stay on your face. or maybe you just don't know that kind of minerals that are included in the water. so put on toner, to take off those impurities. see that dirt on the cotton? yeah, i face the same thing.

I hope this post will be useful for all of you. see you on my next post. chao.

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