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Going Custom? 5 Tips To Help You Along The way!

Last week we covered many great ways to give your blog a bit of style! From free templates to custom design there are plenty of options when it comes to giving your blog a makeover. If you have made a firm decision to go custom and hire a blog designer to create a new look for your blog or if you are still considering it there are a few things you should do to make sure you get all that you want in your design!


1) Do your research before hiring a designer! There are so many great blog designers out there and all have something different to offer, different styles, different options, different prices! Take some time to browse designers and look through each designers portfolio to see their previous work- this can usually give you an idea of what they are capable of doing design-wise and if it's something that would work for you and your style!


2) Go in with a vision of what you want! You may not know exactly what you want in a blog design but you should have a good base foundation, do you want 2 or 3 columns, do you want your design to be elegant, professional, fun? Do you want to use illustrations, images, or a scrapbook kit? What color scheme are you going for? These are all very simple starting points that will help your designer lead you in the right direction! If you have a clear vision, be sure to explain it as best as possible to your designer so he/she can see the style through your eyes and create it for you!


3) Be open to new ideas! You should never stray away from what you want but there may be a few bits of advise or new ideas that your designer has to offer and you should try to be open to those suggestions. Remember your designer has had experience and can often offer a great perspective that you may not have seen otherwise! If it's not for you, you can always say no!


4) Don't know? Ask! Now is the time to ask your questions, if you are unsure of what something is or even what design you are looking for ask your designer- they are a great resource for almost all things blogging and even if they don't know the answer they may know where to direct you! If you are unclear on the design you want, let your designer know that- share ideas through blogs you do like this may help your designer assist you in narrowing down your design goal! Be open and honest- great designers can take your thoughts and create the design of your dreams out of them but you have to be willing to share your concepts and ideas even if they are all over the place.


5) Don't spend more than you have! First off you should set a budget, write down all the things you want in a design and check out different prices of designers you like that include most of the things on your list. I always say going custom isn't worth going broke- if you don't have the money wait until you do. You could also start out with the basics and add on the other stuff later! You don't want to dive into it and then feel guilty. Getting a custom design is fun and exciting and you should enjoy every bit of it- guilt free!


If you have hired a custom designer, feel free to share tips that you learned along the way! If you end up re-designing your blog- leave your link, we would love to see it!

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