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Giveaway and Interview with Romance Author Jewel Adams

Book Giveaway Jan 2 – Jan 15: A Historical Romance, The Gladiator's Day of Grace. To enter the contest, make a comment and leave your email. E-book: International.


The Gladiator’s Day of Grace is a Christian short-story of a servant girl, a centurion, and forgiveness. Is it possible to be forgiven for all that Maximus has ever done, all the lives he has taken in the arena? It takes the servant girl, Andromeda, whom he loves, to help him learn about forgiveness. She has seen the Savior and she describes what it was like. Then she describes how she had learned to forgive those who had hurt her deeply when Jesus Christ came into her life. “He made me whole again,” she says. This is a story of forgiveness and love.


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