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Fantastic Place to Advertise your giveaways or find some to Enter

Hey Everyone.  Hope you can hop on over to my blog.  Linkies Contest Linkies.  I have created a Blog where Everything is centred on Contests, Sweepstakes and Giveaways.  


Find us here : http://linkiescontestlinkies.blogspot.com


Things you can do to advertise your giveaways here 

1.  Enter our always open giveaway linkie Listings page open Everyday.

2.  Use our navigation bar on the top and use our list of 132 places to advertise your giveaways.  

3.  You can also use my contact me form and submit your giveaway to me for listing on my main blog posts page.  

4. If you are simply just trying to find giveaways you can use the left hand side to find American Giveaways and the Right hand side for Canadian Giveaways. 

5.  If your are an international user You can find Open worldwide listings on either the left or right hand side of my page.


I am very accommodating so please don't hesitate to contact me.


Happy advertising and contesting

Kevin from Linkies Contest Linkies

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