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Hello my Dear Friend... SO happy you’re here!  I know, I know, it’s been awhile and I’ve been neglecting you my Darling, and your cup has been empty for quite some time... I’ve been rearranging my lipstick collection and I’ve lost track of all my senses!  You know I can’t restrain myself around all those fabulous tubes of color... Iced Plum, Sensual Scarlet, Pretty in Pink... aaaack!  Oh my!  I’m ready to go back to the store for more!  ‘Control yourself Caffe!’
Oh, alright, enough about my lipstick obsession... How about a fresh pot of, ‘Parking Lot Safety‘ to fill your cup?  I think you’ll enjoy this blend... 
What is it about pulling into the parking lot of either Target, Costco, or Trader Joe’s that have Mommys losing their abilities to make sound judgements?  Is there some sort of vortex that once you've cross the invisible driveway line, you become brainless?  
Maybe it’s the...  Continue Reading

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