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Do you ever have that feeling? Something is not quite right. For no reason at all, you think of someone you haven’t seen in awhile. The hair on the back of your neck stands up. That person across the room looks familiar, but you don’t know why.  You experience déjà vu … again. Or, you have that gut feeling. What does it all mean? Is the chatter in your head saying, “Is it just me?”

No, you’re not going crazy. It’s called intuition. One definition of intuition is; the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Call it what you like, some call it a hunch, a gut reaction, possibly ESP(that goes way back, huh), a sixth sense, an innate knowledge or for the sake of this post your ‘intuition.’ Which ever word you choose, it sums up to you having your own personal experience. So why not go with the flow!

I believe that there are very few coincidences in this world. Sure, there are some experiences you may have that are out of your control but, for the most part ‘things happen for a reason.’ Good or bad. There may be times when you don’t understand what’s happening or ask yourself why.  My thought is (without getting to woo–woo on you) is to learn to trust and embrace the situation. Your intuition about some occurrence may be a learning and teachable moment. Listen, and trust that inner voice. So, how can you tap into this gift of your inner ‘intuition?’ How can you benefit from it in areas of your life such as your career, relationships and personal well-being? Let’s explore some options.

In your career. We all strive to obtain a successful career and live a life of abundance. So, how can we utilize our intuition to obtain these goals?  One way is, if you have a strong sense and confidence about a particular ‘deal’ and it is guiding you, hold on to your beliefs and convictions and see it through. Trust that what you have set in motion will materialize into your desired results. Trust your gut instincts.

In your relationships. When it comes to romance or any relationships for that matter … pay attention! Listen to that voice inside you; you may even have some body signals (your stomach doing somersaults). Pause, think and reflect where you are in the moment before making any haste decisions. If it is a true, healthy relationship time is your best friend.

In your well-being. I believe as far as your well-being is concerned, trusting your intuition helps strengthen your sense of self, builds confidence and helps you make empowering decisions. You tend to be more confident about your overall health and body. A better you!


I have heard it said ‘a women’s intuition’ or maybe a more masculine way of saying it ‘a gut feeling’. Either way you say it, it comes down to following your own instincts, listening and trusting that inner voice, to act and make the best choices for you.





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