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I have nothing to do at the office and I decided to make another post today. hahahaha.

I make a new post category, which is Eargasm (kind of controversial name, isn't it? hahaha) that mainly will introduce my current favorite song that I played through all the day with my laptop and smartphone. of course, i really recommend you guys to hear it too because the song will be...fantastic? hahaha.

 It will range from any kind of genre, and today i pick my current most favorite song which is Kpop (this genre is widely known all around the world right now).

I picked G-dragon's latest solo song, "That XX".

Check out the MV below:

His voice and the guitar suits really well.
Basically the song tells about how G-dragon really hate the boyfriend of the girl that he likes and tries to tell the girl that her boyfriend is not worth to have her (because the boyfriends cheats on her and always made her cried) and the girl should have just choose him instead. Such a one sided love but not that "it's okay that i don't have you, as long as you happy" stupid love. You should've fight for your love, right? Way to go, GD!

You will also like to hear this song covered by Jung Sungha, genius guitarist from South Korea. He covered this song, and I'M TOTALLY FALL IN LOVE with his cover.
Check out his cover below:

Hear them out. they are amazing. See ya on my next post. Chao

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