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Christmas Advent 2015 - Day 19 - More Than Crumbs by Serita Braxton

Christmas Advent 2015 - Day 19 - More Than Crumbs by Serita Braxton

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You can only watch so many couples find love no matter the adversity at the end of every romantic comedy before you begin to fall into the trap of thinking there is always going to be a happily ever after. After dozens of lack luster first dates and defunct online dating attempts many find out the hard way that finding love isn't as easy as it seems on the big screen. More Than Crumbs is a young woman's firsthand account of the challenges faced when looking for love. Included are the emotional moments of heartbreak, overcoming physical and emotional violations, the hard questions asked after every failed relationship, and other cringeworthy dating tales. This brutally honest and heartfelt memoir will remind audiences that loving yourself is just as important as finding someone to love.

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