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Book Giveaway and Interview with Children’s Author Rosemary Brossard


Book Giveaway May 15 - 22: Children’s Fantasy, The Fireflies of Pardalis. To enter the contest, make a comment and leave your email. Giveaway for a soft copy book: U.S. and Canada


Captivating flying insects and birds live in the Kingdoms of Pardalis. Unusual magnetic portals provide thrilling transportation for the stirring adventures of the six heirs of the King and Queen. You will discover all the dimensions of Pardalis as you turn the pages of this book.

The King and Queen live in the highest ruling order of all the Kingdoms of Pardalis. Their land is the largest and most important order of this complex seven-dimension Kingdom and their ruling land is called by the same name, Pardalis.

The heirs of the King and Queen must learn to work as a team and triumph over the trials of their awakening in order to go on to the next phase of their development. If they do not conquer, they must go again until they do. It is critically important that they become strong both as a team and individually in order to take upon themselves leadership positions in the Kingdom of Pardalis.

They must all go through their final Transformation in Sagitta where they will emerge with full flying power. Only the heirs will have the ability to glow in three colors: yellow, green and orange. The brightness of their glowing will increase as they continue to help rule the Kingdom of Pardalis with wisdom and hard work.

When the ruling days of the King of Pardalis come to an end, he will choose one of his three sons to become the next King of Pardalis. The gradual increase of their glowing will help the King choose his successor. This son will then choose a queen who will also develop special glowing qualities when she becomes a Ruling Mother. Their days of ruling the Kingdom will continue to increase their glowing power. The other heirs will continue to rule as they work together in their responsibilities. But the King and Queen are the only ones who will eventually have full glowing powers as well as other gifts of special humming frequencies.


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