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Hello my Darling Friend... Sooo glad that you’re here!  I’ve got a musical blend to fill your cup with and I think you’re gonna enjoy it...

I’ve got a special guest here today and it’s a good thing too because once this Darling singer goes on tour, I’m not gonna be able to pin him down for an interview!  Besides which, he’ll have his hands full trying to fend off all the women chasing after him and his smooth, sexy voice... he's single you know...  

Please raise your cup high in the air and welcome my Dear Friend, Jhonny K to Caffeinated OC Mommy!!!  clap clap clap whistle clap clap  

Hello Darling!  Simply delighted that you’re here.  You just released your album Break Free the other day, and now I can't get that song, Back Up out of my pretty little head... how very exciting and what’s next for Jhonny K?

Well thank you so much for letting me come here Caffe! I love what you do! What is next for me? Well, I am right in the middle of creating a coaching program for independent artists to be successful and make a living without a record label. That and I am also in the middle of writing and recording my second album called "Awaken" which will come out later this year.... maybe I will dedicate a song to the Milfness herself...

Oooh, my, my, my... I do believe you’re flirting with me my Dear!  *Insert blushing cheeks here*  Aheemm...  A coaching program and another album to come?  Where do you find the time?  I know I’m always looking for more time when I go shopping for lipsticks... speaking of lipsticks... tell me Jhonny K, tell me what my Darling readers really want to know... What is your favorite shade of lipstick on a hot, gorgeous MILF like myself woman that catches your eye?

My favorite shade of lipstick on a hot gorgeous MILF like you?  Well, if said MILF is single... it wouldn't matter cuz I would be taking it off soon anyways... but if I had to choose a color... it would depend on eye, hair, and skin color and tone. I love red, but I also love a subtle brown or something to accentuate the lips but not draw to much attention.. just the right amount... that answer your question my Dear?
I think I need to touch up my lips, as it’s getting a bit warm in here... oh wait a second, I mean... powder my nose... sheesh, I can’t quite concentrate on this interview now as we’ve been heavily discussing lipsticks... pheeew! I’m out of breath... it’s more than a lipstick fiend like myself can take!
It’s absolutely FABulous that you’re releasing your album for charity work... You keep doing great things Jhonny K...  You’re a true ROCK STAR... I gotta go now Darling... after that last answer, I’m hot and bothered and need to run to the nearest lipstick counter... Let yourself out RS Darling, don’t worry about me...

Caffe?  Yoo hoo... Caffe??  She’s gone?  Why didn’t anyone tell me not to talk about lipsticks with her?

I know you want to Darling... You can stalk Jhonny K HERE

Get Your Cup Filled by Caffeinated OC Mommy

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