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 In fact, it's a more pinkish color. Nothing says Rest in Peace Great Aunt Sylvia like "funeral meat" slapped inside of a buttered silver dollar bun. The elders of the family will and have taken out numerous people to reach those sandwiches, right after singing "Amazing Grace". Bologna Spread is quite popular in the Midwest. Growing up in South Dakota and Iowa, I know it well. I know the smell, the texture, and I opted for the turkey sandwiches. The mixed aroma of stale church basement, coffee and funeral meat still resides deep in my senses as if I am eight years old once again. When I mention bologna spread to my friends either in Florida or North Carolina, their first reaction is "WHAT is that?" After explanation "EWWWWW!" *courtesy of All Recipes.com* I was talking to my father last weekend and he told me about how he had bologna spread. "Wait, you had funeral meat and there wasn't a funeral?" "Yeah, it was really good too, I had six sandwiches and I don't even know how many crackers of it." "Odd--and there was no funeral, interesting." It seams we are breaking tradition, maybe a new holiday bologna spread one. I never quite grasped the concept of eating after a funeral. But if there wasn't buttered silver dollar buns filled with that pink concoction, grandpa was gonna cut someone. And there better be coffee or there would be more cutting. "Sylvia's service was beautiful--WHERE'S THE DANG BOLOGNA SPREAD SANDWICHES!" Chaos ensues. Have you ever seen an angry elderly Scandinavian? Not pretty people. Not pretty. I know you are drooling and desperately desire the recipe: Bologna Spread Recipe The next time you have left over various meat parts in a package, you now know what to do with it. Stay tuned for more family traditions, the holiday kind, the kind where you hold hands, sing and piss grandma off because you start sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher. Good times. I truly miss family Christmas time. Until then, keeps it real peeps!


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