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Having a couple of babies myself, I am CONSTANTLY looking for inexpensive gifts for friends that are having babies. Babies are expensive! When all your friends seem to start having babies at the same time, you can start to dig deep into your pockets to purchase all the gifts to welcome these new little bundles of joy. Purchasing wholesale baby gifts can help you to save a lot of money while also providing great gifts to help celebrate your friend or family member's new arrival.

Here are a few of the best wholesale baby gifts to help you decide:

Baby Blankets

Every new mother needs dozens of blankets to wrap up their sweet little bundles to keep them safe and warm. It's best to buy these wholesale in order to save money and to stock up. With all the savings you can get, you can buy blankets in every style and color.


Onesies are great wholesale baby gifts. They are another staple for new parents, and it's hard to have too many. Multiple changes a day are necessary because of all the spills and spit up, so it's important to have a lot on hand. Babies also grow quickly, so it's important to have a lot of sizes on hand to keep up.

Diaper Cakes

Of course, the one staple that parents need most is diapers. Diaper cakes are fun baby wholesale gifts because they provide a needed item in a fun design. It's not just a functional gift; it's also a great centerpiece for a baby shower or nursery.

Buying wholesale baby gifts can help you stock your friend of family member's nursery to get the best start as a new parent. These gifts are some of the best gifts you can purchase wholesale to get the things you need and save money.

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