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AUDITORY VIEWPOINT by Lillian Melendez

In today's world the serious subject of Ms. Melendez's  book is all too real. The book is fiction but it will make you think.  This could be anyone you know.  Identity theft is so prevalent, it can grab anyone at anytime.
Ms. Melendez brings out the subject in an unique way.  She uses another all too real subject in real life, human handicaps. The author mixes the two subjects and shows us that even a blind person can achieve things that are beyond our understanding.  You never think that identity theft is going to happen to you ,but think twice. Ms. Melendez not only makes you start to seriously think, but she gives us the view of reality through the heart and soul of a strong women who's challenged.   You soon see where that challenge is her strength.  This may have been a fictional read but it has a strong taste of reality.  We all should stop and reflect, not only on identity theft but on the challenged people and how their strengths are beyond words.  This book was a different kind of read.  It, to me, was a mind opener.  Ms. Melendez wrote a thought provoking book from page one to the end.
I would suggest this book to everyone. Get yourself a copy and have one reality wake up call.  It may just make you change some things in your life and that in itself could be your saving grace.

I was given a complimentary copy of AUDITORY VIEWPOINT from Lillian R. Melendez and Book Sparks for my personal view.  No other compensation took place. 

I would give this book 4STARS.

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