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RATED 5 ANGELS                                     MY VIEW
ANGEL KILLER is the first book in the series, Shari Markham Mysteries. The book is written in the third person narrative.  Location: Dallas ,Texas.  The plot is based on the horrendous murders of small children.  This is every mother's nightmare.  That her baby will start walking to school and never gets there, or playing in the yard and you look out to check on her and she's gone.  What happens if that poor child has no mommy?   The minute you open the book you are in the middle of a dark evil story that you just can't let go.  Kidnapped children has become an everyday event, some where, some place it is happening.  It is so sad and makes your heart weep. The story  drags you into the suspenseful story of heart break, murder, evil, and the constant fear that the next child taken could be yours or no one's.
Shari Markham works for the Dallas Police Dept. as a criminal profiler and psychologist. Shari is brought in on the investigation of the strange deaths of these little children.. She gets a bit too close for the killer's comfort and things hit too close to home for Shari. Why is this affecting Shari so much?  Will Shari be able to solve the mystery?  Will her investigation end in tragedy or will her life return to normal?  Will the murderer continue killing or will he get his dues?
Tragedy of this sort can hit anyone, even you.  It isn't planned a lot of the time.  You might think you are keeping a close watch on your babies, but keep that watch up and do as much as you can.  Once those babies are gone, you don't get them back.  These sick people who takes these children don't care.  The little ones are just trash to be thrown out for the  garbage. 
The author, PJ Nunn wrote a book that was so realistic.  It was about a subject that you could relate to in different ways. I would recommend this book to anyone.  It may be a wake up call for some or informative for others.  We can't close our eyes, it's reality that hits every day.

I was given a complimentary copy of ANGEL KILLER from the author, PJ Nunn for my personal view.  No other compensation took place.

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