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Blue Jeans.
Blue Top.
Blue Generation.
What is all the fuss with denims?!

                         Denim Top| USA
                 Denim Jeans| August Jeans

Denims are simple yet stylish!
You'll look fab...without trying too hard.

I love how versatile denims are! You can practically match it up with everything. It looks good with plain, great with prints and stunning when worn double denims.
                          Blue Bag | GH Bazaar
                          Wedge Shoes | Wade
                     Necklace | Rockwell Bazaar
Mastering the stylish denim look is as easy as learning Fashion101. Trust me, denims are already style in itself! All you have to do is explore new cuts, styles and shapes to give you that Stylista look you're aiming for. So whatever your agenda for the day or for the night is, you'll never go wrong with denims.
Just remember these 3 things:
1. When wearing double denims, go for a contrasting shade. Go for light and dark to give you that 'oomph' factor.

2. Always add a feminine touch to your denim look. Accessorize or glam up with the perfect make-up and lipstick to complete your look. You wouldn't want to look All-Cowgirl/Cowboy, do you?
3. Finish your look with a hot pair of shoes---stilettos/boots would be perfect depending on the occasion.

I say, wearing Denims is all about the Details!
With denims, you always look great out of the BLUE.
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